Back again

I suppose another trip down to London makes a change from which sofa. Another blood and urine test is called for. We will leave early to get it over and done with ASAP. Perhaps Janet will have my latest para protein results which will make the visit more worthwhile.

Yesterday I met a new pain nurse who is sorting out my medication so that I can try out a different combination that may help. I also got a call from the hospice inviting me down to a drop in on Thursday. I never imagined being invited to a hospice for a cup of tea. Apparently I can then get to know some of the other folks who go there but it got me thinking how long they are there for before they pop their clogs. I am not keen on going to a Hospice but there again I wasn’t keen on having a Palliative Care Nurse or having cancer, I suppose it’s just another thing I need to get used to.

At the moment I am imagining that the reason that they can’t seem to determine my latest para protein results is because a miracle has happened. They can’t find any sign at all of the disease. I will then write a book about my experience and travel the world talking at conferences, I may even appear on DayBreak.

On another note, I have just finished reading The woman who went to bed for a year by Sue Townsend. It was very amusing and definitely worth a read. Fancy going to bed for a whole year just because you fancy it. The chaos it causes for the woman’s hapless husband and obnoxious teenagers is just as you would imagine and worse. It is not something I would fancy doing especially after my recent sofa surfing experiences.

The sun seems to be shining here again today, I hope it keeps this up for our weekend away.

Have a good one

Deborah x