Stem Cell Transplant Blog Day 3

 Good Sunday to you all.
Things are much quieter today. Yesterday was Rock and Roll enough.
So today so far, had blood work done at 5am only 2 vials this time. Later today I will receive my 3rd dose of  Palifermin. Then on Monday I get a day off from it and then 3 more days of Palifermin. I will probably have a bunch of other tests to do this coming week but I will only know tomorrow what they are.
So far some common side effects are starting a little. Change in pigmentation of the skin. Like if you were out in the sun too long and also a little swelling of the lips.
In other words I look Like Angelina Jolie back from a vacation in Cuba. lol
I have a recommendation that came to me last night. If you really wish to prepare yourself for a Hospital stay, well if you are like me and are used to sleeping in a dark  cool quiet room. You might want to start getting used to sleeping with some noises and some lights at least one week before your Hospitalisation.
This will help you sleep better. Hospitals are noisy places and lots of little lights everywhere. Just a suggestion.
Sorry I couldn’t write earlier, the computer was not available.
That’s it for now.
Thanks for reading.
Keep Fighting!
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