2 Days left of JKWP, lesson: everyone has a story!

Life is about learning and living. Each day is new. The past is gone ,tomorrow, who knows. But we have today.

In the same way of thinking, each of us has a story. Some are happy, some sad, some traumatic some rich, some poor. You get the idea. the point is we all have a story. It is what makes who we are in this moment. Its not for us to judge that story. We can’t be inside someones mind to know what their story is. So, when you meet someone grumpy or depressed or even happy, remember we all have a story.

At this point in my life I am not religious(been there, done that), or even that philosophical (been there, done that), But I try and practice kindness and be aware of just being nice to those I meet. Sometimes it works, other times I fall short. Its all about the journey.

3 days left of JKWP, lesson limitations

So, three days and counting. We are up and out by 5;40 am but sunrise is 5:43, so we need to go a tad bit earlier. Everyone else(the regulars) are also out earlier. I’m thinking 5:30. I think thats what we were doing last year.

So, lesson 3 is about limitations. I’ve learned that its tough to admit that I have limitations physically. I was always fairly athletic when I was younger. In college and later I did ballet, then about the time Forrest Gump came along(that’s a joke), in the mid 70’s i was running. Actually running a lot. About 5 miles a day. We lived pretty rural and the paths were nice. Later, I didn’t run any more, because the roads where we moved were dangerous. At some point I started swimming. Again a lot. A mile or 52 laps a day.

Then a strange thing happened. I had a compression fracture T 10 due to myeloma. Except I didn’t know that for a year and a half afterwards. What I did know, is I was limited. I couldn’t do anything. Slowly it got better till then when I found out why I had the compression fracture, it got worse. So, I can only still walk so far without my back hurting.

Now I’ve been on dex so long that even though I walk everyday my leg muscles never seem to get stronger. I think normally, I’d be, let’s do more. Walk more laps. But I can’t, I’m limited. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful every single day for what I can do and that Im still here living life.

Routines and Habits

Four days left. I thought I’d go into the fourth thing I’ve learned. ¬†these are not in any order, just how i think of them.

So, I am a creature of habit. I like routines and am somewhat OCD about them. Not in a bad way, I just like the structure. So in walking everyday, I like and have learned that when i get up I get dressed in my sweats and walking shoes. Then I have a coffee  and then in @ 20 minutes to half an hour Im ready to go to the park. I like this routine, this habit. my day starts in the dark in the winter and right now the sun is up and sunrise is pretty early.

Thru my years, i guess Ive learned i do better with routines. Its how things get done. I wasn’t always, at least I think, like this. Although I’ve always liked structure and routines. When we were deep in zen buddhism, I think it was the twice daily sitting meditations that helped form my day. Now, i don’t do that but the discipline probably is still there.

So, walking everyday has been a learning of this habit of getting up, putting on the shoes and walking.