Routines and Habits

Four days left. I thought I’d go into the fourth thing I’ve learned.  these are not in any order, just how i think of them.

So, I am a creature of habit. I like routines and am somewhat OCD about them. Not in a bad way, I just like the structure. So in walking everyday, I like and have learned that when i get up I get dressed in my sweats and walking shoes. Then I have a coffee  and then in @ 20 minutes to half an hour Im ready to go to the park. I like this routine, this habit. my day starts in the dark in the winter and right now the sun is up and sunrise is pretty early.

Thru my years, i guess Ive learned i do better with routines. Its how things get done. I wasn’t always, at least I think, like this. Although I’ve always liked structure and routines. When we were deep in zen buddhism, I think it was the twice daily sitting meditations that helped form my day. Now, i don’t do that but the discipline probably is still there.

So, walking everyday has been a learning of this habit of getting up, putting on the shoes and walking.