Starting a website is not as easy…

it seems.  I’ve been a Friend of the Library for a number of years now. This year I’m VP but I told them I can only do this as long as my health stays good.  So our county library system is in trouble and is running a huge deficit each year. The Budget just isn’t supporting all the branch libraries and they are considering closing 2 more branches, Applegate included.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to start an FB page for the Friends of the Library and now a website so we can post some of the news about what we are doing to bring public awareness to this problem. Ultimately, it’s the BOS that decides but if we can voice our opinions about to increase funding to the library, it helps our cause.

So to that end, it’s been quite the fiasco. First, I decide after googling the web hosting to go with the number one which is Blue host. So I’m thinking “how hard can this be”….. I sign up and the price seems good until you add the privacy, security and whatever.  Then I still need to find a theme and have to buy that and pay for installing. Hmmm, sounding a little more that I want. So finally, after charging 177 and another $100 for the theme, I am ready to go.  But, I spend 6 hours yesterday trying to get the theme to work for the FOL. No way, it looks like a blog. I don’t want it to be a blog.  So quite frustrated even after calling the company who was servicing the theme, i waited for my daughter to get home from work and look at it. “No, Mom, that won’t work, you picked the wrong theme” argh….plus a few other choice words.  So she says, we could just do word press and pay for a premium web site.  Thus this morning I’m on the phone and ultimately canceled Blue host but the MOJO service had already as they said been bought and installed.  So I’m out $98.  It’s okay really because I was not sure what the heck I was doing and should have waited to ask her or my son.

Success though. This morning she set up a nice website on WordPress and I am using with no problem and I’ll have it live in a few days. I still need our logo and a few other things.  I’ve been pretty stressed with it but now feel okay and accept I had a learning curve to go thru.

I’ll link to it once it’s done.

Continuing to minimalise

We had someone come get the oak table from down at our corner so that was really cool. My husband was not about to lug it back in the van and home again. Ok, he would have but certainly with some grumbling. yeah, it’s gone.  The space out in barn where it lived and held junk on it is open now and looks good.  My goal is to have the shelves in the barn only have what we think is essential and practical.

I took the van to the thrift stores and dropped off 6 boxes of stuff to Goodwill including my almost new bread maker. Then over the Humane society thrift store and dropped a box of dishes that are part of a set but these were chipped slightly so I took them out. And then, to the bookstore and dropped a box of books off and two very old 1855 books. I checked on eBay and they were listed for @ 25 each. Nothing selling so I really don’t want musty old books I’ll certainly never read. Then a small handful of my vintage postcards I keep dwindling down.

Then after I came home and researched starting a web page for the FOAL, I went out to the barn and reorganized some and pull another 1/2 bin of magazines to go the thrift store. I’m actually going to go back our and see if I can get one bin emptied.  I also will bring in my kid’s Waldorf lesson books and they can go thru and keep some.  So it’s getting there.  I think now there’s 4 Christmas bins, 5 magazine bins, 1 of our memory things, and 1 bin of the kids LOTR cards. Gee, they must have every single one.  But that’s theirs, not mine. So I feel great progress and if the time comes to move, it’ll be whittled down to essentials.

I did find in an art portfolio my cutting mat I was looking for but its warped and not really usable so I’ll have to donate that and get a new one and a cutter.  It makes cutting edges quite easy and clean lines. I don’t need it yet but eventually.

Tomorrow is a gym day.  Wednesday I’m going to Costco.

Tonight is cheese ravioli with a garlic parmesan sauce, salad and maybe a piece of fish for my daughter when she gets home from work at 7pm.

Farmers market

I went to the Farmers market and got 2 kinds of lettuce, lemons, organic strawberries, radishes, and leeks. $20. Kinda pricey but I wanted nice fresh lettuce.  Oh and some watercress which I’ll add to the salads. I’m putting my produce in the linen bags I made recently and still want to make a few more.

Since I bought my new Brother sewing machine which is a basic model but has what I need, I made 2 linen bags, 4 linen napkins, and a linen chef’s apron.  i love working with linen it’s a great fabric. I used up the 2 yards I ordered so I’m about to order and 4 yards. Some will be for new curtains in the tent trailer and then ?? It’s been fun. I use to sew a lot back in the’old hippie’days.  Yes, some of our clothes. I wouldn’t do that now since I have a minimalist wardrobe but things like bags, napkins, curtains etc are fun and quick.

After the farmers market, I went to the all Friends of Library meeting as we were discussing strategies for approaching the board of supervisors.  There is the possibility of 2 more libraries closing including Applegate( the one I worked at). So, it’ll be interesting to see where it all goes. If there is such a budget shortfall, it’s not a good thing for our small libraries that serve small populated areas.

My son and B went on down to San Francisco to the orientation at SFSU. I think it’s a good fit for my son and he will be going in as a senior. He will need student loans as we don’t have the resources to help him except for incidentals.

Tonight I’m not sure what’s on the menu. I’m feeling kinda blah so my it’ll be YOYO.

Tomorrow we’re going to haul the oak table to the corner and put for free on it as the people never got back to me which really irritated me but oh well, I want it gone.  If it’s not gone by 6 pm we’ll go back and haul it back up and drop off at Salvation army.

It’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow so that will be a nice change again from all the rain.


Rainy and windy and here we are.

Well, we’re sitting in the Holiday Inn because the forecast for our area included a high wind advisory for winds over 40 mph and gusts over 60 mph so you guessed it, we left and came to Auburn.  Although we have taken down many trees around our house we still have giant ponderosas on the south side and southwest side.  These trees tower over 100 ft and are big.  The bulk of the storm was to hit after 10 pm and not a good scenario for sleeping. So B called it and we came to town. On the plus side, we got to eat at our favorite greasy Mexican place. I have leftovers for lunch.  WE watched TV about the missile strikes and 5 million commercials. Geez, I’m so glad we don’t have TV except for Hulu and Netflix. The commercials are so awful no wonder our society seems stuck on consumerism, buying more, looking better etc. It’s  actually really scary what people see in those commercials.  So now we’re having a Starbucks coffee and then heading home.  It’s actually still quite breezy but not raining.  Hopefully, the Kitties are ok. We put the border collies in the van and they came with us and slept in the van.

We might get breakfast in town but we might wait and just eat at home.  It would save $30 dollars.

I’ll go for a walk in the park when we get home, although we did walk to Starbucks to get coffee.  But another walk will be good.

Another blogger I like thrifty mom in Boise suggested writing a list of goals for April.  I don’t usually do monthly goals, more like daily but this was a good suggestion so I did. One was to bake something sweet(which I usually don’t), so I made lemon poppy seed muffins. They came out pretty good and I froze some.

Tonight is pizza Friday so when I get home I’ll make up some dough.

I tidied the house before we left yesterday at 5 pm so It should be good.


‘Vibrant India’ by Chitra Agrawal

A simply beautiful book on Indian Cooking. The vegetarian recipes are explained well and most are not complicated. I’m looking forward to making quite a few dishes from this book.

The pictures are lovely and her family stories are enjoyable to read.

I’d highly recommend this exceptional book.

This book was given to me by bloggingforbooks in exchange for my honest opinion.

Back from New Brighton State Beach

We had a great time. Our spot was level and out of the way. We didn’t have an ocean view but could walk to the overlook and see. Our next time here we do have a premium spot( has an ocean view). These are really hard to book. It looked RV city over on that side. Of course, there were the monster children whose parents think that camping is an excuse for their kids to run wild.

We spent time down at the beach walking and of course, B and I walked every am. Although not getting up at 6am.IMG_0670.jpgWe went to the store 2 x and the big hit was going to the Santa Cruz Farmers market. That was fun.

Plus we hit up Gayle’s for rye bread and a few sweets. If you’re ever in Capitola, do not miss Gayle’s . It is absolutely wonderful food and a great bakery.

It took us 4 hours to get home. WE had light traffic thru San Jose and Stockton and even Sacramento.

Getting ready for camping

We are packing up most stuff today in the tent trailer and then tomorrow we’ll pack the Santa Fe. We have really learned how to minimalize our camping food, equipment etc.

For instance, we use to pack everything under the sun including all our food. Now we just do basics like cream, butter, eggs(our own). Then as we plan a meal, I’ll go to the market. In Capitola, where were camping, a Nob Hill is maybe 3 miles away. So if we’re going to do grilled chicken, I go get it plus whatever else. It really makes it easier. Now if we were boondocking somewhere remote this, of course, wouldn’t work. But we don’t tent trailer that way. If and when we get a hard body, I would definitely do some different style camping. Or when we go up the coast to Bodega Bay to camp, there are no stores nearby. There is a tiny market but it’s more for travelers. At Bodega Bay we do pack a lot more.

I do plan out our dinners and this time we’re using the Lodge every night. I have one night not planned and we may do something else. So far here’s the menu:

  • Lodge dutch oven mac and cheese and a salad
  • Lodge dutch oven pizza( we did this at Tahoe last year and it was great)
  • Lodge dutch oven chili and cornbread vegetarian( I might cook up a small amount of beef but I’ll wait and see how we feel)
  • Lodge breakfast casserole
  • Lodge  lasagna( this is the fall back meal if I want to cook a 4th night)
  • Lodge double stuffed baked potatoes is a possibility too.

I usually buy packaged salad and that is a side.

I’m off to the gym this morning and then to Grocery Outlet for a few things. If you get a chance go read this blog frugaltexasgal

It’s pretty darn good.



Simple Sunday and not Frugal :(

Okay, what happened to no spend stuff. Well, right out the window with spring on it’s way.

B and my daughter went to Home Depot yesterday and bought lumber for 1 raised bed and soil and some fencing. $ 170.

Then I found a source for linen so I can make some bread bags. I’m having lots of fun with my ‘new’ to me Zojirushi. I’m experimenting with whole wheat and white organic flours and ratios. Also, the timing of the rises. But I want something, not plastic to keep the bread in and looked up bread bags. So Food 52 had beautiful linen bread bags for $38. No, I’m not doing that. So I found an online source for 100% linen at $8.40 a yard. Wow, I ordered 2 yards.

But, remember, I don’t have a sewing machine as mine bit the dust. So I bit the bullet an ordered a Brother from Amazon. Right around $100 so I’m happy with that. I did try to source a free one or a used form thrifts but didn’t find much. I did find a Brother but they wanted $85, so I thought, well I may as well get a new one. I actually use to sew quite a bit in our ‘hippie’ years so maybe I’ll be inspired. At least I’m getting linen bread bags at a fraction of the cost of buying them made. I had also checked Etsy and forget it , way too expensive. I thought I’d make linen napkins too. I love how linen gets better with age. And this website had beautiful colors.

On a decluttering note, I did sell the Heywood Wakefield coffee table for $40, and today I’m going to list the treadmill. B also finally sold my son’s huge box of Brio.(probably $1000 worth) for $200. But he gave that to Z since it was his Brio. Still, it’s one one thing gone.


We went to the gym and did a small workout and then my daughter wanted to go to Target and look for some interview clothes. She has an interview next week which would be a bump up from her position now. Fingers crossed she gets it. So, back to Target.  I went in to get a spray bottle to make a mixture of water bleach. Yes, I know bleach isn’t environmentally friendly, but we have to use it in our bathroom since it’s so small it gets mold.  I also use vinegar and water but not on the shower curtains.  So then, of course, I figured I better get some cat cans, some of the said bleach, some veggie bacon, and then… an expensive SimpleHuman garbage pail for the kitchen. We’ve been using 2 different pails and it’s a pain in you know what. We have been trying to separate all recyclables but in our county, we have what’s called one pail. It’s everything goes on a conveyor belt and then gets separated. So we’ve gotten a little discouraged and will just keep trying to reduce waste. We compost anything that can be. Give the chickens any scraps. So Not frugal but it looks lovely and it’s quite big so we won’t be using so many liners. I call that a win.

Well, no more spending this week. I have all the groceries I need and more. So I figure a no spend week.


Labs still normal and other things

So, the good news is my Kappa light chains and Lambda are still in the normal range. And my ratio is normal too at 1.16  My lambda actually went down so the ratio went up slightly.

It’s so exciting that this is my 9th month off drugs and I feel good.  So, I won’t see him again ’till June but still get labs in 6 weeks. He said I didn’t need to get labs that soon but I’d rather do so. My myeloma markers have never just jumped up quickly, so even testing every 6 weeks is over reaching but I’d rather keep an eye on it all.  he mentioned that my Hemocrit is slightly high ( 46) high normal is 45, so he wanted me to drink more water. I honestly don’t think it’s a dehydration thing but probably some damage to the blood plasma in the bone marrow from ongoing treatments. And it started to go slightly high after 4 months of Velcade. Who knows. I’m not too worried about it.

So, let’s see, I dropped off a big load at goodwill that had been accumulating in my car. And then took some Life magazines to the Humane Society bookstore. I also got out to the barn and dragged out my Heywood-wakefield coffee table and sold it for $40. A  big win. It’s one more thing gone. Then we moved my daughter’s Yamaha keyboard back into my office area for her to play.  If it doesn’t seem as if it’s working right, we’ll donate it but at least it’s in a place where it could be used.  Then B took all the cardboard which does add up because of his samples to recycle. So that cleared up space.  Next, I’m going to take a picture of the treadmill and list on our local sell group. It’s a good treadmill that folds up but now we’re going to the gym, I don’t see using it. And we really have no place, literally , in our small house for it.

I’ve been making the Zojirushi bread daily to try different recipes. Some have looked and tasted great and some have had issues. The middle is falling, or the crust isn’t quite right. They all taste great but I you tubed some videos and am trying some corrections this morning.  After I get this figured out I want to try bagels, raisin bread, and some other recipes.

We decided not to go the farmers market this morning since I don’t need anything and we went to Costco on Thursday. I’m making a chard soup tonight from last weeks chard bought at the Farmers market.

So, it’s been a productive week. Next week looks cloudy and rainy. Then the following Monday we head down to new Brighton State beach for the week. It had better be nice.

The first time out with the tent trailer always has a learning curve of what do we have in there and what do we need. Capitola is fun in that we can go to the store and get stuff so I’m not planning on bringing tons f food. I know I’m going to cook in the Lodge cast iron at least once.

Well, off to do stuff. I’ll post some frugal things and budget stuff later today.( or tomorrow)


‘ROAD FOOD” by Jane and Michael​ Stern

This is a really fun book to read. The authors have visited all these places across the country. If you’re planning a road trip, this book is for you. They really go into detail about each place and give what’s great to order.

We’ve been to the La Super-Rica in Santa Barbara and their description is spot on. It is barely a restaurant and it has florescent lights. But the food is very authentic and of course, this place was made famous by Julia Child, who frequented it when she visited SB.

Based on their very accurate description of La Super-Rica, I would trust their reviews of other places.

I would have like more reviews of California especially Northern California but what they did, I think, would be fun to visit if you’re on a road trip.

We also have been to Tecolote in Santa Fe and believe it was and has been one of the greatest breakfasts I’ve ever had. So again, their description is spot on.

I would definitely recommend this fun book of restaurants and cafes.

This book was provided by bloggingforbooks in return for my honest opinion.