Two Weeks of Teaching

I find that when things get a little crazy, I hunker down and avoid the outside world. Silly, I know, because these are the times I need my friends the most. At my job, I am working with a very supportive group of educators. I’m working on learning the school attendance and grading programs. Junior High kids are a lot of fun. They are at a unique time in their lives.
Regarding the radiation – it must have done it’s job, because the pain in my tail bone has gone away. I still experience weakness in my legs, however. I’m only 4 weeks out in a 6-8 week recovery period. This Monday, I have an MRI that will give us more information. My February visit with Dr. Wolf in San Francisco was pushed back to March. I hope we know more about this leg strength thing. I’m still going off the steroids very gradually.
My main issue these days is energy. I need a great deal of energy to teach. I covet your prayers for strength. I’m pretty focused on teaching and grading papers!