Day 5: Jan 2

Dr just left; said I was doing great. Mouth pain is still an issue but I have push button pain meds for that. Ive been getting platelet infusions which is to be expected. I miss my life at home. (Oops how did that get out?) Starting to drink a little today. Guava juice is the drink today.

Day 4, Jan 1

Started the day with an x -ray and a new automated pain switch to control my mouth pain. Also got wheeled off for a sinus scan and I’m on antibiotics for a low fever. Can’t talk today and can’t eat. Meds control everything pretty well so I’ve got no complaints. One great thing is that I can just roll over and go to sleep any time. Getting an infusion of platelets right now.

Day 3: Dec 31

Still on dilautid for mouth and throat pain. It works fairly well but forget about walking today. I will figure out something tomorrow. Doing additional breathing exercises to prevent pneumonia. Days are passing way too slow for me, I gotta get busy! Had sooo many naps today, due to pain meds, but that’s ok.
White blood cell count I think was .01 today. Can’t wait for them to kick in!!!

Oh hey everybody, Happy New Years Eve!!! I might see some poppers out of my window tonite.

Day 2: Dec 30

Day 2: Dec 30
Fighting major mouth pain right now and just cant eat much. Just got my first shot of delautid, not sure what’s gonna happen …

Oh yeah, that worked. I can swallow now
Happy times!

White blood cell count: 0.6

Day 1: Dec 29


Woke up nauseated but got meds for it. Mucositis is making it haerd to eat also, so mouthwashes are necessary. I can’t taste anything, so I kind of depend on Boost milkshakes.

On a downward trend but I do feel ok at times. I did walk down the hall today, and mom is on caretaker duty again. Sis left yesterday, did a great job.