Day 27,  Jan 24

I can sleep all night now, sometimes with the aid of pills. Appetite is better, nausea is a little less of a problem. Met with Dr. yesterday. She said I did better on the harsh regimen than anyone else. Heck yeah I’m braggin! I meet with her again next Monday, and I should be going home that week if all goes well. Oh Lord I’m ready! I watch tv shows about food all day but then I still don’t eat much. But it’s getting better.

Day 24  , Jan 21

Yesterday was wayyyy down, very tired, nauseated, couldn’t walk much. Leg cramps kept me up all nite. Had an appt this am and had to get a unit of potassium. Wheel chair going in and energetically walking out! My weight still going down… I eat, but it tastes so bad most of the time. I’m beginning to get interested in cameras again, so that’s a good thing.

Day 22, Jan 19

Days are up and down as are white blood cell counts. 2.8 now. Yesterday very nauseated and tired, slept poorly. Today much better and walked longer and faster. Taste buds still trying to make a comeback!

Day 16, Jan 13

Came home to the rv and had a bad nite due to back pain, but I’ve got pills for that . WBC went back up, it tends to waver a lot. Great to be out of MD!!! Still can’t eat much, but as soon as taste buds come back I should “fluff” up just fine.

Day 11 — Day14

Day + 11, Jan 8 ~ Day + 14, jan11

Day 11, Jan 8
Yesterday was an ok day. Nausea is still around as well as this mucositis coating my tongue and throat. Makes everything tastes like some kind of metal . My numbers are still soaring. 1.96 today for the white blood cell count. Dr wants me to drink two small pitchers a day, which is very difficult what with the nausea and mucositis and bad taste.

Day 12, Jan 9
Huge floods and rainstorms in Houston today. Not a good nites sleep last nite, a lot of nightmares. Actually woke up surprised to be where I am. Pain mostly gone from tongue and throat, and that metal taste is still there. White blood cell count is now 4.5. Just took a long walk with one of the nurse assistants. Mom stayed home at rv taking care of a pipe leak plus the rainstorms and tornadoes making a bit of a threat…
I still need this mucositis to be gone so I can drink. Came super close to losing it when I drank a cup of water.

Day 13, Jan 10
Nauseated the whole day. Stayed in fetal position as much as possible. Very hard to drink or eat, much less walk.

Day 14, Jan 11
Same nausea, trying to drink as much as possible. Since they’re discharging me tomorrow nite, I have to walk so I did twice. I do feel somewhat better. Getting ready to turn in. White Blood cell count is 3.4.

Day 1o, Jan 9 — Day 11, Jan 10

It took me about 12 minutes to type the subject line. My brain is so scrambled from the delautid!!! Anyway , yesterday my white blood count was reported as as being about 1.9 and today, no telling. Its rising by leaps and bounds, which is great!!! A large building was imploded yesterday right out of my window and I filmed it I think. :) This morning there is a tornado watch so there’s never a dull moment around here. that and flooding!

A turning point…

Day +10, Jan 7

Well, it’s finally happened, the white blood cell count has begun to rise. For several days it was .1 and this morning its .4. The dr predicts this will increase very fast now and will easily reach 1 point. This is enough to begin to fight infection.

Also good is now the mucoitis can heal..

Day +9, Jan 6

Not yet, but close. I can feel it. Had laryngitis early morning and ok later today. I am on some kind of sugar glucose now so that is a food of some kind. Still taking the neupogen shots to encourage cell growth. Attitude better. Maybe blame it on family visit, baby brother came by and that was good :)

Day +8, Jan 5

. Skipped yesterday, Day 7

Whiny Day. White blood cells have not kicked in. Mouthsores have closed enough up up my throat so i can’t get fluids or solids down. Going without drinking or eating for 3 days is beginning to wear on me. Before all this I had all the energy and now i have squat.

I’m on a PCA with dilautid for pain. I’ll be honest, i just don’t wait on the pain to get worse. If i’m anxious or cant sleep thats a good enough reason. A nurse just came to give me the neupogen shot in the stomach to encourage red and white cell growth. (believe me when I say if given by the right nurse, it’s one of the easiest shots to take). And this was the right nurse!

Another nurse just came with something new; a suction device instead of spitting in a cup. That will work for some some of the time. Well time for my benedryl and whatever else they have hooked up to go to work. Nite, night. And ya’ll hope and pray that some numbers have increased!!!

Day 6: Jan 3

Well, I can’t swallow anything! Throat is very swollen and pretty painful but Dilaudid helps a lot. Energy levels low but not so bad that I can’t go walking down the hospital hallways and stirring up some trouble! I threaten to break out all the time, IV pole and all. (go down to the nearest bar… Or better yet!… Report them to the Houston Chronicle for holding me against my will)

Oh well, hoping tomorrow will be a big fat turnaround,!!