Still nauseated still drink ginger ales and chocolate boost. Can’t wait to get on the other side of this fence.

Day +3

Nausea and that other stuff. But not too bad. Sleep a lot. Eyes a bit blurry Can’t wait til the good days

Day +3

Weaker. Slept ok. Going for a walk soon with a nurse.


The abdominal and stomach issues are here

Beautiful view. Just sleeping a lot and reading.

Day + 1

Feeling good today. Some side effects are happening but not too bad. Had an X-ray because of some coughing in the morning. So so on food here. Terry can get stuff too and there is a smoothie king here.

Chemo done Stemmies next

Had my chemo infusion yesterday. (Thursday). No problems. Today is Friday and now to get the stem cells ! Time to get this show on the road!!