June 2010

Ok Mark just hates this blog thing. That is why it has not been updated to often. So I will randomly keep you all up with things or post to Facebook.

I will let you know, Mark is still in remission and doing so well that he is going off some meds for a month to give his body a break. Doctor said all test come back at 100% clean. Most people never go into 100% but at this point Mark is. His dexascan shows most of the lesions are trying to heal and fill in. The labs show no spikes at all. So in other words he is back to his old ornery self again. It was one rough year, but we made it and he has his second chance.
How about a few pictures:
This is his most recent picture, and if you look close he almost smiled
Now I borrowed some pictures of the kids..


Toni & David
Damian, Christopher, Dominick,
Alisia and Omar
Brittany & Raul
Paytton & Carlos, Paytton had her 3rd Birthday this month
I wish he would keep the wheels on the ground!

And Shane, he is just growing up to fast!!
Sorry Brooke I don’t have any of you and you have not posted anything new.
Just remember if you don’t see an update, look on Facebook. If there are any changes I will for sure keep this updated.
Everyone have a beautiful Day Every day : ) and thanks for all the support