Mystery Solved

God is great, life is good, and grandkids are amazing. I was looking out through the little windows in our front door when the furnace came on.  I felt the heat from the register next to the door and waved my bare foot over it noting that it wasn’t putting out much warm air.  Could […]

I phoned my brother

He’s very busy and making good money by setting mobile homes in a mobile home park in his town.  He asked how I was doing and I answered with my usual, “Very busy.”  Doing what? He asked.  I fumbled for an answer as I realized that the things I am busy with are of no […]


I was with my family doctor in the exam room. He was pulling up my records on his computer and asked rather rhetorically, “Why am I seeing you today?”  I explained that my quarterly cancer check blood test showed that my glucose level was “elevated.”  I could not see the computer screen, but I did […]

Three months already?

I used to feel that I was in a race for Pink Slips between cancer and retirement.  If cancer wins, it owns my retirement – and this body of mine!  If retirement wins, cancer may still be lurking, but, Yea!  I’ve made it to that reward most working people are working towards.  Allegedly, the Golden […]

High Card Again

I had my three-month Multiple Myeloma cancer check recently.  I had a blood draw for lab work a few days prior. I once watched Emma, a high school girl, sink twenty or more baskets in a row.  She warmed up by sinking ten hoops, missed one and started over, sinking one-handed shots one after another […]

Back To Undetectable

I told the barber I wanted to keep the ponytail.  I brought it home and glued it into my work hat.  The co-worker sitting nearest me the next morning at the daily briefing looked suspiciously at my hair below the hat line.  He made scissors with his fingers and ran them near his ear (our local sign language for you got haircut?).  I turned my head.  He shrugged and returned his attention to the meeting when he saw the ponytail. 

Must Take Next Exit

It was wonderful to have our son, Robin, and his family visit us in July.  In August, we drove across the country and had a real nice visit with our son, Brandon, and his family.  There we met and held our newest grandson, Desmond. On our round trip – road trip, we encountered many (many!) […]

Wadja Say?

My grandson, Jory, along with his family visited us in July.  He seems quite intelligent for a two year old who will easily break into song about some guy named Bubbah…..  Bubbah Black sheep. WARNING: Parent / Grandparent Disclaimer: Every parent and every grandparent thinks their baby or grand-baby is the cutest, the most intelligent and […]

Hood Bird

“Grandpa, what’s that?” My four-year-old grandson asked as he patted the old, pitted chrome ’56 Chevy hood ornament mounted on my riding lawnmower.  “Well, that’s called a hood bird.  Come with me, I’ll tell you about it.” I lowered the open the hood of my ’57 Belair and pointed to the wind splits. He stood […]