Not much news

Last Tuesday checkup and Velcade.  Now I got the full dose. My blood-values were good enough to receive the new shot. Next week I will know the results of my m-proteins. A nice graph is very important but the pain in my leg is still quite present. I must say though that there is a change for the better. It’s all going really slow. Patience is a virtue.

The good news is that I can skip the hospital visit next week, due to a pause week for Velcade.

The first shot

Home again. A glass of wine tastes just fine. I just had a bone marrow punction and the Velcade is in. They still owed me the results of September 27th.  Looks good! The graph is just fine going down is what we like.  Taking Prednisone becomes me. I feel a little fitter! Disadvantage is that I don’t sleep too well. I’m not taking sleep medication, a little reading. music on my ears or going down to watch a little TV. Another consult next week and also a shot of Velcade again. Maybe the results of the bone marrow will be in too. I will have to wait and see, I wonder how the radiated spot will respond. Today my leg didn’t feel too good, but yesterday I seemed somewhat better….. We will wait and see…..

Results September 27th 2011

At home having coffee

At a quarter to eleven I was home again. Having coffee. Radiation lasted twice 20 seconds. Withing the hour I was back behind the wheel. It’s like this picture but with my teeshirt on and without the trousers. I took my shoes off as well. This one is done.


Thumbs up!

On Tuesday the 4th of October the radiotherapist is expecting me. Is there a radiant future for me ahead or does it take a little more? Keep your thumbs up for me please…..

Thumbs up!

Exciting days

Yesterday Els managed to take a day off to come with me to the exciting conversation we we going to have. The results of the MRI and maybe a therapy that would be suggested. We were completely wiped away when we heard that the results were not in yet. We had to wait till today to hear what was going on.

My suspicions were true, there was a plasmacytoma that was bothering me. On my pubic bone this time, causing pain walking. This was what I had been expecting. I will be called by radiotherapy this week. There will be one ore more radiations. I’ve heard that this works very rapidly. I do hope so because I really want to be able to walk without pain. Tuesday I will hear which new therapy there will be in store for me. I understand that the REP cure is one of the possibilities. REP stands for Revlimid, Endoxan (the old cyclofosfamide as a pill) and Prednison. This gives me faith, because my blogbuddy of the first hour Bas, responds very good to that for over one and a half year.

A weird lustrum

On September 14th 2006 I was transported by ambulance to the hospital in Alkmaar. Just before that, I descended the stairs on hands and feet supported by the ambulance personnel. I couldn’t sit or stand up. My back did not allow. On September 15th I heard the reason why. The myeloma had destroyed about 5 vertebrae. Some had collapsed leading to a diminished  length of 7 cm. I spent my time upstairs for about 5 weeks. My doctor thought it was enough and sent me to neurology. I was told to stay there. 5 tears ago.

Flat on my back

Checkup august 30th

In my dutch blog I made a list of books that I read during our French holiday. Not so interesting here, because half of it are dutch writers. If you are interested, just check out my dutch blog here. The readers you can see anyway on the picture below.

My checkup of august 30th. I still suffer from a persistent sinusitis. X-ray’s were made to tell that tings are really improving. Continue my antibiotics, spraying and steam. My labs were OK. A new graph next week. Let’s hope it looks good…..

Son and Father