Miracle Drug? Dare we hope?

One of my favourite tech sites, Gizmodo posted about a “miracle drug” that targets any cancerous tumour cells for all types of cancer. It works by blocking a protein called CD47 which tells the immune system not to kill healthy blood cells. Cancer cells also use this protein to trick the immune system and stop it from attacking them. Ah, you sneaky cancer cells. For more info, check the story here. The sites also posts several cancer updates, which you can check out here. Great for some cutting edge news on cancer treatments.

On a personal note, April 16th, 2012 marks the 3rd anniversary of my official multiple myeloma diagnosis. It continues to be stable at stage I, and I have yet to need treatment. The bimonthly blood tests and yearly skeletal surveys continue. My doctor decided to skip the bone marrow biopsy this year. I’m not complaining.

My life has take a sharp turn in recent months, with my dear wife leaving our marriage. I miss her every day, but I cannot say this was unexpected. I know I was the best husband I knew how to be, but there are times when shit happens. That pretty much sums things up. Here’s to moving forward.