Cycling made easy? Or pedalling like mad.

Hi again folks!

I’ve spent a lot of the last year or two trying to ignore myeloma and not the myeloma “crowd” for a couple of reasons, 1) I needed to try and image while my health was good, that I had a normal life. 2) I’ve been struggling with the addition of kidney failure not related to the myeloma, but requiring me to take time out to be differently ill and to learn a different cycling system, not one of velcade, dex and cyclophosphamide, but one of 4 hr stints on a home dialysis machine which was kindly supplied by my local hospital after 3 weeks training when I got tired of 6-7 hr sessions on the renal dialysis ward. All of this only made possible by the wonderful dedication, help and love of my beautiful wife Lorna who loves sticking great big needles into me on a daily basis :-).

Well, today I have had to jump back on the myeloma bike, as it’s the first day of my first new cycles of chemo.

The day started with a trip to New Cross Snowdrop ward at 9am for bloods, then a race back home to get on the dialysis machine in time to race back to Snowdrop at 3pm for my VCD chemo. So yes, I feel like I (sorry….. we) are on our bikes pedalling like mad.

I’m upright because of all of this though, and because of the aforementioned wife who’s dedication keeps me so cosseted in support. This I am anxious that the world should know:-).

Now that I am full time back to Myeloma I would like to get back to daily blogging and to chatting and helping in the Myeloma community, so if your out there and see this then drop me a line. I’m also looking forwards to recreating some of the black humour that helps Lorna and I get through by having “to die for” fun and laughter moments, so please don’t be offended, laugh with us if you can.

Now where’s the link to myeloma friends on facebook…………….

An early Christmas present from Dr.B

Yesterday, exactly 6 years to the day ……. (17th December 2009) I was given another early Christmas present from my consultant Dr. B. 
Yes folks it’s time for me to jump on the Myeloma bandwagon proper again. The Proteins have shaken and spun to 15 and Dr. B has his thinking cap on and has given me a six weeks appointment in which time he hopes to have worked out my treatment regime.
In cricketing terms 5 years post SCT is a damn good innings, but I still feel a bit stumped. There are a few tests ahead, but hopefully I’ll be batting for a few more years yet.
Well at least I get to exercise my funny bones again……. BLACK HUMOUR HERE I COME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

Over my head be it!

Hi again everybody, long time no see. I have been away from the blog hoping to forget about Myeloma for a bit, and while I was away I even jumped off a bridge trying to get away from it………. well trying to raise some funds for all of us to get away from it at least… x
While away I have had the pleasure of meeting and hopefully helping a couple of newbies, Ruby, and Jose and wife Salet to gain knowledge of this dreadful Myeloma. I say pleasure because they are lovely lovely people, not because I need the sport if you know what I mean. 

After having waxed lyrical for the last 3 years about how I am so lucky that my Myeloma is on hold and I can continue to live as a swashbuckling swashbuckler and save to travel to see friends, I am now in the rather dubious position where my Consultant Dr. B told my at 4.40 p.m.  on the 24th February 2014 (it would have been 4 p.m. but he was running late so I got a stay) that my paraproteins have popped up at 3 instead of where they were for the last 3 yrs, “less than 2 so undetectable”. All  I can say is “shit”, pardon the language.

Worse than this is the fact that Dr. B’s words obviously went clean over my head, because when he asked me if I was happy to stick to my 3 monthly appointments, I inexplicably said YES and did not give it another thought until waking at 3 a.m. this morning and panicking that I ought have demanded daily  appointments as my right,,,in fact hourly ones or even minute by minute. 

No seriously, if my favourite consultant says 3 months then I will share his optimism…….gladly:-)

There, it’s said!

Vermouth and Volante

Monday saw me making my way to New Cross Hospital for the first of this week’s appointments. Armed with my appointment letter and a bottle of human pop I waited in the reception queue to be called.”Michael Gormley” called the health care assistant. I got up and walked over to her and she said: “you’re looking well this morning”, so I started to limp. I limped down the corridor to Dr. M’s clinic and took a seat, holding out my bottle of “Pop”. HCA :”I know it says we need it on your letter, but it is a standard letter and we don’t actually need it, but thank you for making the effort”. Where to put it now….. in my pocket it went with a prayer that the lid might be tight.Dr. M introduced himself as one of Dr. B’s team…..AAAAAAH….NOW I know why I’m here…… the Gastro-intestinal man has asked Dr.M to consult with me. What a pleasant man Dr.M is, explaining why I needed to see him. I had complained that I have a regular urgency that makes me run back home from bus stops, turn the car around and rush back home mid journey and to trek the landing in the middle of

Myeloma Fraud

Hi to all my friends out there!You may be wondering what I mean by the above title….. well since I had my SCT in December and after,

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