It’s the final countdown.

Dress, check.
Shoes, check.
Undies, check.
Jewellery, check.
Suit, check.
Shirt and tie, check.
Rings, check.
Catering organised.
Money for licence in envelope.
Flowers in buckets in garage ready for making bouquet tomorrow. Yes that’s right, I’m making my own bouquet, well it can’t be that hard and I did spend 2 weeks a few years ago helping out in a florist’s over a busy period that had both Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day in it.

´╗┐It’s a shame all our loyal followers can’t be here with us tomorrow. We promise we will upload the photos just as soon as we get chance. I’ve already made sure that the album I created on Photobucket is open for you all to view (I know there maybe better sites, but I already had an account with them, I am open to suggestions if there is somewhere much better.)
8.30 p.m. update:One poorly friend calling to say she and hubby are coming down from Liverpool, despite doctor’s orders, check.Bucket load of tears and phone handed over to Mike, check.
I am so ecstatically happy.

Something old.

Dear Auntie Paula,
I thought I would let you know what I have been up to recently. I had a bit of excitement on Monday night, well actually Tuesday morning at 1:30, when I heard a couple of foxes fighting outside the house. I jumped up to look out of the window and there it was, a fox. Being a friendly sort (ahem) I said hello, quite loudly so I could be heard and it looked up at me. Wow I thought, a fox is looking at me, so I shouted even louder and started wagging my tail. I tried to get Mike and Lorna to let me out to play, but they just grumbled about the time and went back to sleep.
The two of them haven’t been spending as much time playing with me recently, so I’ve had to amuse myself. Any way yesterday they were busy and I got bored.
Mom says she doesn’t know how so much stuffing fitted into such a small ball.
Sorry, Mom says it has had it this time.
Hope you, B. and Bud are wellLove Toni x x x

Something new.

The weather the past couple of days has been so fantastic that we finally decided to unwrap and use the beach chairs we bought last year.

Mine seemed to have something missing, I’m talking to Trading Standards.

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