What’s That!?! 3

OK here’s the answer to last week’s puzzle. I’m happy to say that luckily it wasn’t yet another medical condition for Mike.

´╗┐That fig is one of my very own, from my very own fig tree as mentioned here. The two decent sized figs ripened at about the same time and we were going to share, but Mike was too slow and so I ate his too.
So what about this week’s photo?

September 21st Garden

Another month has flown by and it’s time to show you all my garden. It is probably the very last time as the weather has turned a bit nippy and most of my produce has done it’s thing and is now over.

A mess of unthinned leeks and compost tomatoes.
Slowly going red, chillies now it’s chilly.
The raspberries are still doing what raspberries do.
The tomatoes still refuse to ripen.Next month we’ll have to find something more interesting to blog about, although if good news is no news we’re glad we’re boring you all.

What’s That!?! 2

Firstly the solution to last week’s puzzle.

Yes it was a bit of Toni, her smile in fact. Well done to Denise and Paula, although I loved Bill’s answer and wish I had got a zebra as Birdie suggested.
This week I have a more challenging photo:
Go on, have a guess, it costs nothing.

Old news is good news.

Yesterday, while we were doing some work on the house we found a page from the Sunday Mirror, dated February 15th 1981. We just had to share it with you all.

Guilt free shopping

Do you like to shop?
Do you like to shop online?
Well why not kill two birds with one stone and raise funds while you are indulging in a little bit of retail therapy.
Registration costs nothing, so go on, if you are in the UK just do it.

OK maybe not completely guilt free, but it helps.


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Wash day blues.

Cartoon by Kev Moore.
Just after we got back our poor old dishwasher decided to have a nervous breakdown. Not the “I’m not going to start” or “I’ve had enough thank you” sort of breakdown. No this was a “switch me on and I’ll simply blow the fuse box” type. This would have been fine, but for the fact it decided that half way through a cycle was a good time and as we usually put it on last thing at night, left us plunged into darkness while we tried to work out if it was a power cut (which we quickly realised it wasn’t as every other house still had lights) quickly followed by fumblings in the dark as we searched for that elusive torch which is always put on the shelf next to the fuse box, but which mysteriously wanders when needed.