Biannual Review

It is amazing to me that I can go 2 years without thinking about Laughing Plasma Cells. After the last post about my newly repaired arm I never went back to work. Instead I retired, moved to Amelia Island and am working on reinventing myself. As for the plumbers tape and drywall screws the repair was nothing short of amazing. Being a southpaw again has improved both my handwriting and my quality of life.

I just do the myeloma thing. It does do me on occasion but life is good. I did a few clinical trials, a few slightly less common combinations and all kinds of whacky stuff as well. I even got John of God involved.

After a little time off to clear the old chemicals out I’ll try another clinical trial using an immune modulator,  second mitochondrial-derived activator of caspases (SMAC) mimetic LCL161. (Isn’t cut and paste wonderful – I hope to never actually have to remember or say that outloud.) In short SMAC, although not related to heroine, is capable of screwing with cell death programming. When the smac be flowing my way I don’t be caring no more.

On that note I leave this blog be for a few more years. Cheers