More Trials

So I’ve added a couple more trials to an ever growing list. At last count I’ve had 12 different regimens over the last 10+ years half of which were clinical trials. There is definitely a “Aren’t you special.” feedback from all the attention clinical trial patients get.

The ABT-199 trial ended after 5 cycles with evidence of progression seen via imaging (PET/CT). I have a tough clone to clobber. Illusive secretive beast that stops expressing any evidence of progression in the blood. Instead it just munches away at my bones with a relentlous incideous appetite.

There is no doubt that the Oprozomib trial was not worth the extra attention. The first cycle (2 weeks) was tolerable but the second was a total GI, bedridden disaster with disease progression just to add to the insult. Here’s a mouthful for those MM geeks: Oprozomib is an orally-administered epoxyketone proteasome inhibitor, similar to, but distinct from carfilzomib. 

The current experiment is a Phase I Open label, Dose Escalation Study of I-131-CLR1404. I just happen to be the first MM patient enrolled in this study. Here’s the MM geek excerpt from the press release link:

“I-131-CLR1404 is a small-molecule, broad-spectrum, cancer-targeted radiopharmaceutical comprised of a proprietary optimized phospholipid ether (PLE) analog, acting as a cancer-targeted delivery and retention vehicle, covalently labeled with iodine-131, a cytotoxic radioisotope that is already commonly used to treat thyroid and other cancer types. I-131-CLR1404 is engineered to combine an intracellular radiation mechanism of cancer cell killing with targeted delivery to a wide range of malignant tumor types. Preclinical models have also demonstrated selective uptake and retention in cancer stem cells, suggesting the potential for longer lasting cancer remission. I-131-CLR1404 has been granted orphan drug designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of multiple myeloma.”

Being a whopping 2 square meters in area I received  modest dose of I-131-CLR1404 a couple days ago. It was a non-event and continues to be so thankfully. Time will tell if this adds to a total and complete response in combination with high dose chemo prior to a stem cell transplant later this summer.

Stay tuned for another semi-annual update.