UAMS Research \ Black Swan initiative and Publicity

I was sad to hear of Tom Brokaw’s diagnosis, he joins the thousands like many here who are in the forefront of confronting this disease.  I hope Mayo does a bang up job and helps him with his particular type and kind of Myeloma.
     He expressed a desire to keep his treatment, type and kind private and as a personal matter.  I understand his concern, however, with any public figure his diagnosis can bring much needed publicity and funding for research to this cancer.

     I urge him to become more outgoing with both his therapy and with fund raising!   It can only help to add his name to the legions raising awareness and much needed funds for research.   He is a reminder of the many including Sam Walton, Geraldine Ferraro, Anne Landers, Roy Schieder and those countless individuals dear to us who have preceded in the struggle.   It is the publicity that gets the attention and makes this scourge a quest for a cure like the efforts in  breast cancer.  He must think about the future and helping the generations to come who will inevitably be stricken with Multiple Myeloma.  We urge that quest upon him and to enlist his help.