New Insurance, co-pays, deductibles and upcoming tests!

I have not posted in a month, now filled with frustration.  My annual policy from employer paid insurance has changed.  I now have a higher deductible and co-pays which covers ‘out patient tests’ at rates subject to the deductible and copay’s….. So I am now having my local oncologist do my tests exclusively since they are covered at the copay amount because inexplicably they are sent to an outside lab, which medical billing coding, codes at rates payable cheaper….. How is that for logic and fairness!!!

So the research that has been done on me will be affected.  The usable results will have to wait for my annual UAMS trip in October!  I will be monitored every two months and It “MM” will not develop quickly without my oncologist’s knowledge.

My next round is coming up,  SPEP and UPEP and all the other wonderful tests!
Ah, the waiting on pins and needles!
More later,