Strength from inside oneself!

With all the recent movies and books discussing the existence of a god, I thought I would write a little about my inspiration and hope.  Many people look up toward an entity “in the sky” outside themselves for assistance, not only in their regular lives but with cancer.  Humans have always been a superstitious
lot, looking to answer questions about their physical surroundings.   Primitive people looked to the sky and nature for clues to explain what they saw and experienced.   This took the form early in our evolution of looking at the evil portent of things.  Examples being as divergent as changes in weather to
chicken and animal entrails.   Religion developed alongside and as a form of this coping mechanism of the inexplicable.

Science and the Enlightment arrived roughly 500 years ago.   Until then it was a common “belief”
the sun circled the earth, the moon had its own internal “light source” and blood letting with leeches would cure disease.

Aren’t all we cancer patients glad the blood letting etc. and voodoo cures are not followed now!

Is it not time humans grow up and drop the crutch of religion?

Religion it has been said poisons’ everything!   From the Muslims who bomb to kill the infidel and arrive in heaven with virgins rewards,  contrasted with Christians who believe “We are born ill and commanded to be well” religion has lead to almost all wars, strife and disputes between people.

Take the conflicts in the middle east,   Israeli versus Arab, Pakistan versus India, the list goes on and on world wide.  What “righteous god” demands conquest, enslavement and conversion of the “heathen infidels” just because they believe or non-believe like them?

This conquest concept sounds awfully Man made to me…. the god in the sky who has so many human atttributes, appears nothing more than our feeble attempt to explain nature!

The movie Noah demonstrates this concept.  The religionist who believe the earth is 10,000 years old, that slavery (Noah’s son Ham’s punishment for seeing his father nude!!!) That Abraham was told to murder his son to show “faith” That jews are being punished for killing jesus…. etc. etc. etc.  These same fundamentalists are angry that the movie is not literally following the bible!  These are the same people who believe dinosaurs existed with humans and dismiss the fossil record of the earth’s being billions of years old.

I know it is hard to leave superstition behind!   It was hard for me, at first.  The indoctrination at those tender years of Samson “slewing the 10,000 philistines with the jawbone of an ass.”  The command of god to the israelites to kill the inhabitants of Canaan, their children, flocks etc..etc. before taking over the land…….the dictate in the Psalms to “dash the heads of babies against rocks” to avoid their paganism…  that now sounds like a psychotic demand of a dictator, not a god who loves his creation!!!!!

The sooner we all grow up and live our lives for what they are: Life as we make it, a struggle to survive and cherish the day, knowing this is all there is!!!!  We are not going to sing in a celestial choir for a god who demands slavish attention and worship like a North Korean dictator!!!