August tests upcoming

My latest 3 month tests are coming up this friday August 12th.   I have been doing well overall, just tending to very sleepy at work both morning and afternoons.   I have a hard time staying awake when sitting down.  Busy otherwise my daughter is on her 6 months study abroad in Palestine.  Been counting the days down to early retirement.  Now slated for March 1, 2016

Climbing Mt. Everest using Dexamethesone

The recent news of the death of climbers, while sad does not bring as much remorse since
I found out most use DEX to enhance their ability to climb.   Some use it to recover from Cerebral
Edema and pulmonary edema…..amazingly stupid people!

Those of us affected by cancer and specifically Myeloma know the correct use of Dex and these
idiot climbers use it to make it to the top of the Mountain and back down.

Climbing Mt. Everest is like taking a revolver loading one bullet in one chamber and spining it
and putting the gun to your temple and pulling the trigger, repeatedly!

Partial results are back

I have  (low platelet count) which is my immune system being out of whack!  Thrombocytopenia
I may have misspelled that, can never find the spell check on this computer.  My Creatinine Clearance is also High.  Bad kidney function and/ or my blood pressure medicine?  anyones guess.

Other results to follow in coming days.

Latest testing set for tomorrow May 13th 2016

My latest every three month testing is tomorrow.  UPEP, SPEP, CBC, Plasma light chains, ratios etc.
etc.  I have been peeing in the wonderful jug all day for the urine protein test, what a joy to take that to work with you and carry it down the hallway in my Tennessee Oncology bag….for cover!!!!

I just now thought tomorrow is friday the 13th good thing I am not superstitious ..

Results when they are back.

Latest test results for Feb 2016

My latest test results are overall stable.  The M-protein remains at 1.2, my IGG is 1840 which  is high
along with my Total Kappa free light chain is 35.6 mg/L the highest it has yet been.  My K/L ratio is the highest also at 2.76
The Tenn. Lab was unable to separate out the Urine protein electrophersis there is a P fragment
which they believe is the presence of the Monoclonial protein IGG… all that is negative.

The rest of my CBC is in the normal range……no elevated WBC, lisinoprils, immune system cells
are all within normal ranges….

I faxed copies all off to UAMS- MIRT and hoping they review them also.

So!  overall stable but slowly climbing in the k/a ratios and the total Kappa proteins….next test in May!!!

I will keep you posted

Pat Killingsworth Rest in Peace

It is with a very sad heart that I write about Pat’s death from complications of both his treatment and Myeloma.   Though I never met him face to face, we did “appear” together on a
Curetalk back a few years ago.  Pat’s column in the Myeloma Beacon and his website were a constant, reliable source for everyone dealing with Multiple Myeloma.  He researched the disease and faithfully attended Oncology conferences to gain knowledge not just for himself but for all of us in
the Myeloma community.  He made the disease understandable to just about anyone who wanted to find out what they had and how they might treat it.

Pat was always up beat and ended all his columns with his favorite saying to Feel good and keep smiling!   Well it is very hard for those of us today to now Feel good  and keep smiling upon learning of his death!!!!

Pat Killingsworth will be missed sorely and never replaced!

Good Night  and Good Bye Pat.

Today is latest test for MM markers blood work

I have my latest blood work today, locally at Tennessee Oncology.   I am always anxious after these,
I used to get three sheets to the wind after the tests but now that I am on the wagon and never drinking again….. so I plan on relieving my stress by doing something productive!!!!  Reading,
 work around the house etc…..

The results locally take about 1 week to 10 days…..Little Rock has them back the next day!!!
I like knowing instantly what is up and not waiting!!!

Will keep this blog posted when results are in!

Latest Numbers all is "stable"

Sorry I have taken so long to report my latest results from UAMS.  I got great news although my numbers have been creeping up,  I am still stable according to Dr. Z!!!!!

Wonderful news…..I was frankly scared to death…..I did have a battle with my new insurance
Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield they refused to pay for my PET scan… no pet scan…..
they told my dr. it was experimental/research and would not pay.

Anthem is the same people that told my sister in law when my brother had myeloma….”Face it your husband is going to die, we are not paying for his next stem cell transplant.”  Bastard medical review board members, wonder how they would feel if they got cancer and their insurance refused to fucking pay!  I understand how people wig out and hurt the ones who hurt them.

I am back on regular local testing and going back to Little Rock…..knock on wood… in December of

I have been so busy trying cases, had a trial right before Thanksgiving, went down in flames.  A very racist county with very racist jurors!

Reporting from the UAMS Myeloma Institute

I am her sitting in the first floor atrium of the Institute in Little Rock, typing away on one of their many computers provided to patients.  I have just finished this trips tests,  BMB with Gene Array, MRI, SPEP. UPEP etc. etc…  My chart already has up my tests from yesterday,  my kappa/lambda ratio and total Kappa are elevated,  no M-protein yet and no MRI results.

I am very pensive about this  latest trip,  my numbers have been going up over the past few months
and I am very,very tired most days…….

Tomorrow morning at 10:30 am CST I meet with Dr. Z for the results the BMB and the MRI should be the tale of the tape!!!

Until then,