Ua ola loko i ke aloha

Kapa’a, Kauai, March 2019 His music washes over me like a gentle wave.  Her storytelling, sweet and rich, connecting the man, the music and the passion.  They complement each other…knowing each rhythm and beat of life in the other. Slack key guitar and ukulele.  The evening, the music and the moment…a gift. It was more… Continue reading  Ua ola loko i ke aloha


An unremarkable Saturday, my usual running around. Radio on, cruising and ruminating on my to do list. And so grateful that I am still able to do just this…the routine…the mundane…the unremarkable. I have learned to push back on the inevitable creep of fear and uncertainty that sneaks in to undo me. But not always.… Continue reading “Remember”

The Caveat

One of the side effects of living with cancer is the magnification of experiences. I see with clearer eyes, hear the noise, the hush and silent voices and feel with a depth that draws tears, laughter and hugs instantly. I am acutely aware of time, careful to invest in it with heart and mind. I… Continue reading The Caveat

Barking at the Moon

Grandma benefits include watching kid movies with the little ones!  I’ve seen “Moana” at least 25 times, and many, many other classics of course, but the one that I have slowly fallen in love with is “Bolt”.  It’s a story about a girl and her dog, Bolt, who are the “actors” in a superhero cartoon. … Continue reading Barking at the Moon

Swim Across America

Getting excited for this fundraising event.  Check out my page at the link below.

“Something Wild”

There is no greater way to move me than the pairing of powerful words and creative music!  My latest obsession is with rock violinist, Lindsey Stirling.  Her story is one of persistence and passion.  In a competitive and cluttered music industry, she built her musical success by way of YouTube, where her creativity and unique… Continue reading “Something Wild”


Stunning views from my new temporary address.  The Montlake Cut just feet from my window where the water churns as boats and kayaks and sunburned faces delight in the splendor of continuously warm Seattle summer days.  Mount Rainier in pink glow as sun sets, a reminder of the awesome landscape and beauty that I get… Continue reading 8NE

Big Day

OK…this is getting real! Until the last few weeks, life has been normal…well somewhat normal.  My reflection in the mirror, mostly unchanged and my positive attitude unwavering!  My cancer has been a motivator of positive changes and has lingered in the background of a full and rich life. Yes, I tire easier, my feet hurt… Continue reading Big Day

Defeat Multiple Myeloma Mike and I will be walking Sunday…every little bit helps fund research.  There has been some amazing news for treating multiple myeloma including recent news on CAR-T cells as a “potentially curative therapy”.  Cheer us on, donate or walk with us (or if you’d prefer, there is a category for those who would rather… Continue reading Defeat Multiple Myeloma