9 months post SCT … with current MM Stats

Nine months ago today, I received my own Stem Cells back to re-energize, re-furbish, re-grow, re-generate and re-new my cancerous, chemo stripped system! Yippee, that was 9 months ago today!!!

And the numbers from my last blood tests reveal that the Lows are LOW and the Highs are HIGH and then there are plenty in the middle!!! And I’m still in Remission… but some tests….

But it’s Spring Break for me… and it just happens to be an amazingly beautiful

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April Fools! It’s all a Joke!

Happy April 1, 2011 !

I’m sooooo happy to report that I have just been informed that my Myeloma diagnosis was all wrong!

Wholly Cow! They’ve made a mistake and I’ve been notified that they were actually just messing with me!
My Myeloma diagnosis is not MY loma anymore! I’m able to give it back!

I was part of a secret controlled year long study to see what would happen, physiologically and psychologically, if they took a perfectly healthy mid-life gal and told her she had cancer and treated her as if she did, so they could analyze what would

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2.2 on 22

Yikes!!!!! My whites are falling, my whites are falling!
I know, many of you say not to worry, levels fluctuate daily, weekly, monthly…
But now my Drs are taking note… and talking changes… maybe…

I had been as high as 3.4 a few months ago… but I guess Revimid is doing it’s job and then some… as my white count has progressively dipped each month since then, from the high of 3.4 to 2.9 then 2.9 to the new low of 2.2, revealed at my last check yesterday…

I feel ok… just so tired all the time… but that also has to do with my busy, busy and back to work lifestyle I keep telling myself, and not getting to bed earlier …
So I will head for bed now… and add all my details to this post tomorrow or the next day or the next

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8 months Post SCT

So today, March 5, 2011 marks 8 months since my Stem Cell Transplant at City of Hope on July 5, 2010
Can’t believe it’s already been 8 months since that grueling

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No New News IS Good News !

Hello Everyone :)

Just have to note the date 2 – 22 – 11
For those that know me, you know why this date is symbolic to me!!!
For those of you that randomly stumbled upon my blog, or just know me virtually… my birthdate is 11-22

I’ve decided since I am so VERY

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