Sick of being Sick and other recent Medical tales

Hello Everyone that might still be reading my Myeloma blog-

Since my last happy posting, I kinda bit the dust… and not in the way I would like… like back in the day when it was “fun” to bite the dust from falling off or being bucked off a horse!

Yes, recently I bit a different kind of dust, as in, unwillingly being relegated to the couch and the bathroom for the last couple of weeks! …
How can I put this delicately, sparing you the not so delightful biological experiences I’ve had recently…
First off, after recovering from a head cold middle of April, thanks to my darling daughter, I was well for a whole week! Yiippeee… then my darling son came down with the lovely intestinal bug!!! So being the good mother I am (even tho they are in their mid-20’s) I glove up, mask up, and take care of them!!!

But I thought… even tho several of my blood levels are still sub-normal… I confidently thought I would be just fine, and not come down with his awful bug… and boy did Scott get it bad! Off from work almost a week. We talked about this “weird” undefinable stomach pain he had… like none other!
Not long after Scott began to feel better… I began feeling this same undefinable stomach pain… as a matter of fact, the picture of me with the doggies from the posting below this, is right when I was coming down with this awful bug… so a week was spent you know where, doing you know what… enough said… lol

BUT!!! I recovered just in time to…. drum roll… prep for my first ever…. COLONOSCOPY!!! So yes, it seems like I’ve lived in my bathroom for weeks now… hahahhaa
Yes, most of May has been a body janitorial experience I’m not anxious to repeat anytime soon!!!

Here I am “recovering” from The Procedure!
As a result of this non-elected cleansing (thank you my son) and then the required medical “cleansing experience”… I do have some been-there, done-that experiential tips for all of you reading this, dreading your upcoming experience of this ever so important internal medical viewing event!!!
First off, I tortured and scared myself the night before I was supposed to begin DRINKING the evil gallon of polyethylene glycol, aka GaviLyte-C… by reading online other people’s experiences! Dumb! as I was ready to beg-out the next morning and call my Dr and cancel out!!!
But my head overruled my emotions, and I began drinking the cocktail of internal cleansing…

Honestly, the taste wasn’t as horrible as I heard and read. But perhaps, after all the treatments I’ve been thru this past year… many things are now “cake”.
So here’s my recommendations for a less traumatizing colonoscopy prep:
Eat light and smooth days before
Opt for an afternoon appointment, so you don’t “cleanse” all night
Don’t eat the morning of the day you begin the prep; clear fluids and broth only
Don’t guzzle the laxative prep every 30 minutes as recommended
Drink it slowly so it doesn’t make you sick
Drink a glass every hour-ish
Don’t follow it with water or sports drink if you feel full
Go with your intuition- if you feel full, don’t drink
I used a straw to sip it in the beginning, then actually began to be ok drinking more at a time
Bring your phone, computer, magazines, books, etc into your favorite bathroom with you, as you’ll be spending a lot of time there LOL

I actually was able to down 3/4 of the gallon over about 5-6 hours and was actually able to get to bed and sleep ok thru the night (no cleansing that is, during the night thankfully!)
I then drank one glass of prep 5 hours before my afternoon appt and didn’t have any liquid 4 hours before the appt

No doubt I was really “drained” and “pooped” out… pun intended haha, and physically exhausted by the time I arrived for my appt, and very ready to have it over and done with!
Interesting to me was my emotional reaction when I was admitted and realized it was going to be a hospital-like, in-patient experience. That caught me off guard as it brought back a lot of feelings, memories and emotions from my July 2010 stem cell transplant hospitalization…

So after all the anticipation, all the prep, all the worrying that they might find “something” I was told I did a fantastic job at cleansing and they DIDN’T FIND ANYTHING! As my nurse assured me… my Dr’s quote was :  “NOTHING MEANS NOTHING” :)

Finally, I will add that as I awoke from the “put your lights out” meds, I had a wonderful feeling of peace, calm and relaxation… hhmmmm what were those drugs anyway… I think I want some again!!!!!

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5 + 5 = 10

Hello May 5
5 / 5 / 11

Happy 10 months Post Stem Cell Transplant to me on this 5 / 5
So you think I should play the next lottery with a bunch of 5’s
Or perhaps visit Vegas and play some 5’s

Not to mention… .5 Revlimid Chemo is
Saving My Life… one pill at a time!

Ha! Enough said on this one today,
as I think the numbers speak for themselves!
Signing off with 10 high 5’s

Story to come about Miss happy Hanna (on my lap)
rescued from death row!!

Happy 12th Birthday to you Max, on this 5 / 5 / 11
RIP Maxie and thank you for sending Hanna to us!

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9 months post SCT … with current MM Stats

Nine months ago today, I received my own Stem Cells back to re-energize, re-furbish, re-grow, re-generate and re-new my cancerous, chemo stripped system! Yippee, that was 9 months ago today!!!

And the numbers from my last blood tests reveal that the Lows are LOW and the Highs are HIGH and then there are plenty in the middle!!! And I’m still in Remission… but some tests….

But it’s Spring Break for me… and it just happens to be an amazingly beautiful

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April Fools! It’s all a Joke!

Happy April 1, 2011 !

I’m sooooo happy to report that I have just been informed that my Myeloma diagnosis was all wrong!

Wholly Cow! They’ve made a mistake and I’ve been notified that they were actually just messing with me!
My Myeloma diagnosis is not MY loma anymore! I’m able to give it back!

I was part of a secret controlled year long study to see what would happen, physiologically and psychologically, if they took a perfectly healthy mid-life gal and told her she had cancer and treated her as if she did, so they could analyze what would

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2.2 on 22

Yikes!!!!! My whites are falling, my whites are falling!
I know, many of you say not to worry, levels fluctuate daily, weekly, monthly…
But now my Drs are taking note… and talking changes… maybe…

I had been as high as 3.4 a few months ago… but I guess Revimid is doing it’s job and then some… as my white count has progressively dipped each month since then, from the high of 3.4 to 2.9 then 2.9 to the new low of 2.2, revealed at my last check yesterday…

I feel ok… just so tired all the time… but that also has to do with my busy, busy and back to work lifestyle I keep telling myself, and not getting to bed earlier …
So I will head for bed now… and add all my details to this post tomorrow or the next day or the next

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