3 Years ago June was a month of BIG events…

Whoa!!! June zoomed by and here I am moments before the clock ticks into July 2013!
Honestly… I am so over CANCER (especially me having cancer), that I have psychologically separated myself from this wonderful blog of mine :/
Guess I just don’t want …

Birthdays and Blood tests

April… you flew by! 
It’s May 1st already and I didn’t do an April blog!!
So here’s my April update in May:

I had my every 2 month Myeloma status check on Alissa’s birthday! (brought me good luck!)

Blood tests are semi-normal, but I can never …

27 years of good news!

March 25

Happy Birthday to my amazing son Scott!
Happy one year being cancer free!
Happy many many zillions of happy years to come!

Sometime back in Scott’s first year…

Then….. That Adorable baby Boy grew into
This Handsome, Successful M…

March = Multiple Myeloma awareness Month!

MMmmmmmmmm…. lots of M’s there!

M for Myeloma
MM for Multiple Myeloma
M for Major
M for Month
M for March
M for Myeloma March Madness
M for My Myeloma
M for My Multiple Myeloma
M for Menacing
M for Maximum 
M for Mysterious
M for Medication
MM for Multiple Medications
M for Managed
M for Me
M for Momentous
M for M & M’s … mmmmMint ones!
ok, enough Msillyness !

“Here’s Good News from the world of Multiple Myeloma research and Medications:
Dr. Durie, IMF Founder, was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal’s Lunch Break on “New Hope for Multiple Myeloma Patients”

 And March is for another Month of Multiple Myeloma Remission for ME


Mmmmm… this says it all !

My Life in an OCD Antibacterialized Bubble!

This post is for all my friends, family, colleagues, students and people I come in contact with who don’t understand my necessary obsession with sanitation and cleanliness:

Did you know- 
“Multiple Myeloma is a cancer of the immune system, o…

Still winning… one year later

January 10, 2012, one year ago today-

My son Scott had surgery to remove a “mass” in his bladder…
Going into surgery, we weren’t too worried… just look at us…

As his Urologist didn’t think it would be “anything to worry about”

January 16, 2…

3 years ago today I was diagnosed with CANCER

3 years ago: 12-30-2009 
Around 11-11:30am

Jim and I were at Kaiser Hematology/Oncology
Receiving earth-stopping news:

That my 1st bone marrow biopsy on 12-18-2009
Revealed I had high-risk (of course!) Myeloma (who?) blood (what!) cancer (what the?#%$#@+*!!)

Today –> 12-30-2012 I am in Remission :)

I’ve survived countless rounds of oral pill form Revlimid chemo paired with powerful steroids, several rounds of several types of high dose IV chemo, an Autologous Stem Cell Transplant, an entire month of hospitalization in isolation, losing my hair, months of recovery, and almost 2 years of follow up maintenance Revlimid chemo… not to mention what I have been through psychologically… and here I am…  a full 3 years later… grateful to be writing this blog and reporting that I am still winning and dominating Myeloma!

For a quickie re-cap of my cancer story, please see my blog entries from December 2010 and December 2011 (and of course all the entries in between if you really want all the details :)

My recent 12-14-12 blood test results indicated many close to “normal” results.
Although Myeloma still renders me “immune compromised”, I’m feeling pretty good overall. Tried still, some neuropathy still, never really “normal”, but very grateful for my “new normal”!

I have been off maintenance Revlimid chemo since June 2012 and time will tell how long my body can fight off the cancer cells that are destined to return… at sometime… since as of 2012 there is no medical cure for Multiple Myeloma… 

                   A Big Thank You to everyone for 3 years of support 
                               and encouragement since 12-30-2009  

Thanksgiving birthday 2012

I am so blessed and lucky to be alive
and surrounded by love, life and fun  

Cheers to 2013 

and Happy New Year to all my
Blog Buddies 

Julie’s Myeloma Moments 2012-12-12 03:12:00


Just had to do a post on 12-12-12 as I don’t think I will have another date like this in my lifetime…
I’m enjoying numbers and number patterns in a way I never did before all my blood tests!

My 3 year Myeloma diagnosis anniversary is comin…

Julie’s Myeloma Moments 2012-12-03 21:55:00

Hi Everyone :)

Thank you for your continued interest in my Remission status and blog updates! Your support means the world to me!

As of late summer 2012, I officially graduated from monthly Oncology checks to every 2 months.
Next blood tests and canc…