A Little Good News for a Change!

Hello 3.19.19

Hello Friends and Loyal Readers!
Yes, I have a positive update to share with you.

But as you know, Mondays are my Medication Madness Day, with first thing in the morning, downing 40mg of Dexamethasone steroids, then rushing off to my a…

Go Steroids, Velcade, Cytoxan! Some Good News for a Change

Hello 2.19.19

I refer to my crazy Mondays now as “Medication Madness Monday”, so this post comes a day after my weekly cocktail of 40mg of Dex steroids, Velcade shot, and 8 Cytoxan-Cyclophosphamide pills, and my February monthly status Dr appointment….

And I Thought Life Would Get Simpler…

Hello February

There’s been a lot of rain in our area… for our area. But as I write, I look out my window and see clean blue sky, with bright white puffy clouds. The air is cool. Cold to all of us who aren’t used to “real cold”. The rain has …

Life in Myelomaville- One Day at a Time, One Treatment at a Time

Hello 1.29.19

No new news to report from my status on 1.19.19
Hoping my stats are even better in February!

I am so thankful this triplet of Velcade, Cytoxan, 40mg Dex steroids is making a dent in overpowering Myeloma… well making a dent to an exten…

Remaining Happy, When You Just Want to Scream


Hello 1.19.19.
So fun to type out 9’s! Yes, 9’s. 9’s representing 9 years of battling and living with Myeloma.

My topic of this post was going to be philosophizing about Happiness. Being Happy. Remaining Happy. Finding Happiness. Maintaining …

Because of You Myeloma, This Is Me Now


Wow! Today 12.28.18 marks the last of my on the 8’s posts (but NOT my last post for the year :))

For those that have been loyal followers for years, you know that I have symbolically posted on the days representing my number of years of surv…

9 Years Ago Today Reality Hit Me… First Bone Marrow Biopsy


Been in and out the bathroom most all of the day, and yesterday, and the day before, etc. The Radiology team wasn’t kidding when they told me I would “probably” have lower GI side effects for a week or 2 or beyond, since my lower abdomen, spi…