Same (Painful) Story, Different Day…

Hello 9.18.18

Seems like this month, all my important events and status reports fall just before or after my regular “On the 8’s” post dates.

I expect “Big” news on Monday Sept 24, my next Dr appt and Darzalex infusion day… as I should know the res…

Septembers To Remember


So not a whole lot to report since my last post, except thankfully most of my excruciating pain has ebbed away, however I do still have strange twinges in my lower left side and legs, but not every night like last month. I just can’t identif…

To Share or Not Share… Your Myeloma Story

Hello 8.18.18
Lots of 8’s today, this 8.18.18 in my 8th year with Myeloma.

Recently, I was chatting with other Myeloma pals about our reasons, risks, benefits and the “need” to, or not, share our Myeloma story.

Since I spent my adult life as a colleg…

Let’s Go, Double Darzalex, Starting Now


Hello August that is so far, so much better than July!

Happily I don’t have any new news for you since my last posts and I am thrilled to have July’s craziness behind me! I’m looking forward to seeing how my body responds again to Darzalex…

Hellooooo August, Good Bye Awful July!


Hello August!
Looking forward to never ever seeing another July like this past one. Cannot believe all the drama I experienced, and I am so glad to have it behind me!

Had my Darzalex infusion on Monday, July 30. Took 40mg Dex steroids prior…

Sick of Being Sick and Other Myeloma Nonsense


Yes there was a time in my life when I was well. Well all the time. Took my body and body functions for granted. Living a “normal” life, with only the “regular” annual bugs parents and kids get. I really never thought about illness or sickness…

What The Heck Zometa! A Week of Fevers and Pain

Hello 8.18.18

Really Body? What’s up with all this torture? What did I ever do to you to deserve this backlash? Remember,… at this time in my life, we were supposed to be PLAYING, winding down my career, and chillin for a change? I won’t even list a…