So Much Myeloma Everywhere!!!

Hello and Goodbye 11.9.19
Hello 11.10.19

So yesterday I attended my local Myeloma support group, that I have been attending for years… (I’ll have to ask our facilitator how long I’ve actually been going)… Wonderful group, wonderful facilitator/lea…

Spooky Lab Results Coming On Halloween…


So much going on here in CA with the fire and wind. I’m beat up from being on high alert 24 7 with everything. Potential fire, crazy winds, potential power outages… not to mention our daily health and functionality challenges… ugh, I o…

Moving Forward Always- Time, You Are Our Friend and Enemy


Hello 10.19.19… how can it be a 9 already…

Time, precious time.
Time never standing still.
Our life on this earth, measured in priceless moments, increments of ticking time…
Time spent, time passing, timing is everything…
Life passin…

New News is Old News, Let the Roller Coaster Continue


Hello October!
So much to say, but I think I’ve said it all previously.
So much emotion, so much change, so much to process and digest.
So much sadness, yet so much to be glad for and grateful for.

Life changes each day, yet some things remai…

Grateful and Amazed!


How are we at 9.29.19 !
How is it the end of September already!

How can it be that I am only 3 months away from my 10 year life changing Myeloma diagnosis!
I wasn’t supposed to be here still!!
How am I still here and as “Ok” as I am?!
How is …

9.19.19 … 9.9 Years and Counting Towards 10


The moon and the moonlight has been so beautiful these past nights. Actually all summer long, the full moon has been stunning. Glowing, intense, alive. There’s something about summer nights that really affects me. Energizing and Renewing …

What an Insane Roller Coaster Life This Is

Hello 8.29.19

I cannot believe it’s the end of August, and I almost forgot to post today, which is so unlike me . I also can’t believe how time has slipped by so fast and I never updated my past post… but yet again,, if I had shared everything that …

I Don’t Fly, But I Did!

Hello 8.19.19

I have a BIG story for you :))

Trying to keep the Cooties away

So far it worked, but today I am waning and exhausted,

and even 40mg steroids aren’t even revving me up