Eating to Feed Me and Starve Myeloma… Ha!

Hello 6.18.18

Confession time…
I broke out of my myeloma bubble and went to Country Concert, and I ate horribly all day long!

I actually wrote this late Saturday night, 6.16.18 , as I took my 40mg Dex steroids early morning, so I’m tired physica…

Just The Facts. A Hole Bunch of Numbers

Hello Everyone. Hope your June is beginning happy!

You know my status from my previous “Holey” posts, so I’ll just give you the stats today :))

Darn you IgA, stop climbing!

A little perspective from where I was

just before beginn…

So Many Questions

Hello June!

Just a quick update before my regular 8’s post :))

Even though I’ve been whining about how fragile I feel, do you think I’ve changed my life??  LOL NO!  Still doing animal and ranch chores, doing all my “regular” things, …

Feeling so Fragile


Hello Life…
This crazy life of mine, ours…

I’m still obsessing on my Holes. On my Lytic Lesions. On my Plasmacytomas. On my holey bones. On how my perspective of my self, my body, my life, my longevity, my journey with Myeloma has now cha…

Wholly Holes! Still Processing My Whole News

Hello 5.18.18

Thank you everyone for reading, commenting and caring as you do. I write for me, for you, for everyone, anyone, that may benefit from my myeloma journey, medically and psychologically. I write because This Is My Life. Myeloma has taken o…

Scans, Bones, Holes and Honeycomb News

Hello 5.8.18… Crazy 8 day…

For a cowgirl that used to have so little drama, I guess I’ve become the Myeloma Drama Queen!
So much news at my Tues May 8th monthly Dr appointment and Darzalex infusion. I’m still reeling and way too exhausted to tell …

Finally Better!! Ok, I Learned My Lesson…

Hello May!

Just a quick check in to let you all know I am finally feeling better, and getting beyond my gloom and doom. I was always so healthy, well and active prior to Myeloma, that being a Sickie now is just so difficult for me on so many le…

Unfiltered Frustrations


I’m still sick.
I’m so frustrated with my life
I am so sick of being sick
So sick of feeling, being sick all the time
So sick of trying to avoid being sick
Then getting sick anyway

Yes I’m very grateful for so many many things.
Yes I am still…

Myeloma’s Life Lessons Never Stop


Hello Everyone-
I’m alive! But still in the process of surviving this awful sinus crud that attacked me. The 40mg Dex-steroids from Monday have worn off, so I feel super blah, lousy, clogged, tired, weak, headachy, ouchy, and full of crud stil…

Caution… Not a Happy Post… Thank You Life Stealing Myeloma


My throat has been on fire for days. My head hurts. My skin hurts. My eyes burn and mist. My back is still seized from the PET CT Scan. My nose has gross congestion. I’ve gone through uncountable big boxes of kleenex. My face hurts from all of…