Really Good Day

I just called mom, probably 6:45. She hadn’t answered two of my earlier calls. When I DID get to talk to her she sheepishly told me that she had swiped the earplugs they gave her for the MRI. She said they were really good and had a cord attaching them so they didn’t get lost. In her words “they’re really nice.” Anyway they had helped her get a good two and a half hour or so nap in this afternoon. I guess she was up late last night. They took her for an MRI last night between 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM all the regular people had gone home for the night but these people were called in special. In the morning, all the doctors came into her room. She said it felt like an episode of House. They had just had their pow wow, came in with hypothesis, doing strength tests etc. One side (I think she said left) is significantly weaker. Her spinal column is in tact, some of her nerves were showing inflammation and maybe this could be connected to the shingles she had early on in the diagnosis.
Mom says her pain is under control, they’re giving her a medication called Dilaudid.

She says all of this stuff that’s going on is affirming because these doctors are recognizing that the issues are real, and are seriously investigating the reasons and what can be done to fix them.

This experience is soooo different from mom’s last experience. She said she had a “really good day.”

Still no answers, but the detective work is going. Progress is good right?At least things are happening.