Results Day

Hi everyone,

Today I got the results of my bloods and bone marrow biopsy. Lets
just say the news was not good.

My IGG is 4480 (44.8 UK)
My bone marrow is 25% plasma cells and a small amount of myeloma
cells have been seen in the marrow
My Electrophoresis light chain M component is 25g/l
My albumin is 34
MY B2 microglobulin has not been measured but is being done today, I
dont know when I will get the results.

basically my haemo has scheduled an MRI scan for Tueday 4th March and
is having a video conference with another specialist cancer unit in
our area on Thursday morning 6th March and I have to go back to the
clinic at 4.10 British time on Thursday to find out if Chemo
treatment needs to be started. My Haemo is 80% sure that I need
treatment and said that if its not smoldering myeloma then its full
blown Multiple Myeloma, but until she has had the video conference
and discussed my case with the oter specialists, she can’t give me a
100% diagnosis. She has said that I definately no longer have MGUS
and that I have progressed. A full skeletal survey is being done
after the MRI as soon as my aemo can get an appointment for me at the
x-ray department.

I will keep up my healthy eating and my supplements and keep
positive, life dont stop because you get a bit of bad news, and I am
sure as he*! I am not going to be miserable. I dont yet think its
sunk in yet though as I feel numb, but oh well never mind.

Love to you all and I will update you all again on thursday
Best wishes
Love Jane x