Happy New Year from Helga!

My dear blog-readers,image

It’s been a very long time since I last wrote a post. What can I say? The dog ate my homework. Today is Day +226 since my transpant, and as it’s the last day of January I think it’s still just about acceptable to wish you all a very happy start to 2015. I’ve missed all the more significant and timely days (Day +100, Christmas, New Year, Day +200, and more recently the one-year anniversary of my blog, ie Helga the Great’s first birthday!) It would be frankly impossible to sum up all the intervening moments, or tell you how I’ll be feeling tomorrow or next week or whenever I next see you. The short version is that I’m well, and I’m generally busy living rather than blog-writing. However, I do realise that people further away may be wondering (and indeed worrying) how I am, so here is a very short post to set your minds at ease. I’m about to head out to see friends and a film (Whiplash) and I’m running characteristically late, so for now I’ll leave it with a few photos.

Firstly, I was very happy to spend the last few days of September walking in Spain, on the annual leg of the ‘pilgrimage’ with the world’s most fun people. I walked about 80km (50 miles) in 4 days. I joined halfway through the week, so I flew into Bilbao (and saw the Guggenheim) and then met the gang in Pamplona. I carried my bag for the first day but after that was very happy that a kind fellow pilgrim took it off my hands. We ended in Logrono, which turned out to be a crazy party city. So, somewhat unbelievably, I spent Day +100 (a milestone for myeloma patients) not only walking 20k but partying till 5am! Somehow we all still made it to the airport bus at 11am. In your face myeloma…