Day +5: Interesting Translation

Visiting the hospital today, we noticed a a sign promoting Flu safety.

It was the Spanish version that caught my eye.

“La Gripe” is Spanish for the flu. And it sounds much more threatening and severe.

“A dios mios, not la gripe!”

Influenza sounds more clinical. “The flu” is somewhat dismissive.

“La Gripe” grips you.

Turning 50

It’s a landmark birthday. The big Five-o.

We’re celebrating it tomorrow night with a few friends, but today’s the day.

And how did they figure it out? The folks at AARP. They timed it just right, and I received my first AARP card. It’s not really a card, it’s tied to an offer for me to join.

I’m fine with it, but my wife Irene is NOT on board with the spouse getting a free membership (and card). She has no interest in being old.

I just think the discounts are cool.