What are the ones in my life specifically?  There is the obvious one – Multiple Myeloma.  But cancer is Nothing, when compared to the soul-sucking, life-zapping, never-ending bottomless pit of living with a monster that has nothing but blackness inside and they are determined to destroy all that you are, and subsequently your children by proxy, just… Read More Monster


Why has it taken so long for me to listen to my daughters iTunes playlist all the way through?  As much as I used music as an escape in my teens and all throughout my adulthood (should have done it sooner)…   So much can be learned about a person from the music they listen to,… Read More Gasoline

New Day

Wow, what a busy couple of months we have had!  I finally met Dr. Borrello and his team.  What a comforting experience it was; the hospital is HUGE, it could be a city unto itself.  I would have succumbed to the anxiety brought on by my overwhelmed nervous system, had Gina not been with me… Read More New Day