Day 7

Sorry stuck with me again as Charles is feeling poorly again today. His temperature is up (38)which is worrying although the medical staff all seem very relaxed about it and have said people often get temperatures and they wont increase treatment unless it stays at 38 or if it spikes to 38.5. He’s actually been running a low grade fever for the last few days but this has gradually increased throughout the day.

His main problem seems to be the nausea, which they are struggling to get under control. He is on 5 different anti sickness drugs but still not getting it under control. He has been referred to the palliative care team in the hope they may come up with a different / better combination.

His blood counts remain very low although he doesn’t need another transfusion yet but they check them regularly. He has his drip back up so they are keeping his fluids up and also giving him potassium through the infusion as his potassium levels are low.

He is currently sleeping so thought I would catch you all up. I guess he may add his own blog later but for the now thanks again for all your messages.

Love Jeanette x

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