Alien Life

It took mere nanoseconds to ponder everything necessary to determine if there is other life in the universe. Before my brain couple complete “I wonder…” my brain answered back NO! in a most vehement way. I thought to myself, well, okay. I guess I have some pretty strong feelings about that. I guess by my […]

I’ll Grant You That

Five years ago I had a few realtors sniffing me up and down because I showed some interest in a weird little house on the west side of Overlook Park, between People’s Park and High Bridge Park here in Spokane. The house was made if four parts with little skyways that bobbed and weaved between […]

Super Scooter

When I first got my mobility scooter I was very self-conscious. It felt like everyone was staring at me and I was feeling like I should really take to this better. Then my wife explained that everyone was staring at me. They were, she said, keeping an eye on me because I seemed to have […]

Bernie F.

I had on my black suit, form fitted with a slight flare cut to the leg. My white shirt was starched and I was wearing a prussian blue tie. My shoes were shined and reflected me back at myself when I looked at my toes. I was all dressed up to go to Bernie F’s […]

Taking the Fall (the sequel)

I meant what I said and I said what I meant, an elephant’s faithful, 100 percent. Meaning, of course, that I saw to it that my wife got her wish to see what it is like to skydive. We got out to Ritzville at 2pm and got her all checked in. However, we had to […]

Taking the Fall

Sometimes I forget that I’m a reluctant junkie. I was reminded this morning after having a difficult time getting to sleep the night before. As a result of only getting to sleep as the sun was preparing to rise above the horizon like a prairie dog, I managed to sleep four hours past my morning […]

Competitive Predators

On August 14, 2126, the six mile diameter Swift-Tuttle comet will strike the earth. The collision will cause an extinction event that will likely remove all life from the planet in a lone cataclysmic explosion. Huge sections of the tectonic plates that form our land masses will buckle and be hurled from the planet. Some […]