A Giant Step Backwards

American history is rife with examples of the blue collar worker being exploited by corporate bullying. The companies crafted situations where their employee base and the ancillary businesses supporting them were essentially owned by the corporations. Their very existence was subordinate to the whim of the company’s aims. This led, of course, to catastrophes that […]

War School

Another school shooting. This time it was fairly close to home, if you can call across the state as being close. It was five hours behind the wheel close, which is close enough for me. Sandy Hook was far, but it still caused me to feel depressed. The shooting in Marysville hit a little harder […]

Veterans Day Festivities

The Concert for Valor is happening on Veterans Day, and all star extravaganza that’s sure to attract millions of viewers and generate millions in revenues for the sponsors. The veterans get honored, the companies get cash. Now, far be it from me to denigrate anything that benefits veterans, and especially so for vets who’ve been […]

Step Right Up

Caesar’s Palace was quite a place. Everywhere one looked there were activities, all gambling related of course. I was there gambling that my presence at a wireless convention would raise my customer list and make me some inroads for better deals from the vendors I bought from.  My work for the week entailed sitting in […]


“Camping’s some good fun.” I told my friend Greg. He nodded as he pulled his tent out of its carry bag. It was one of those pop up jobs that you were supposed to be able to shake and it suddenly pops itself into a kind of dome looking thing. I had a conventional tent […]