Robert Williams Kirkpatrick August 11th 1947-June 7th 2015           Engineer, inventor, father, husband, story teller, man of piss and vinegar to his last breath My dad was a great story teller, and I don’t want to tell a sad story here. He fought with unprecedented will, and will always be remembered … Continue reading Stardust

Bright Star

I wake in the morning to the stirrings of my wife who, before the light comes into my room to make sure I’m covered and warm before waking me gently to take my morning medications. She silently slips out leaving me to fall back asleep. When I later wake on my own she seems to […]

Parting shot

I,’m retty sick of medicine ads. They’re filled with fallacoious information essentially invented by people with no connection to medical research and often aren’t even CPR or first aid techniques. Yet these Lian’ ass promo specialists rake in the bucks with their alarmist cannon fodder.   I mean, restless leg syndrome, dry eye syndrome and […]

A Final Note

This is the last post of my blog. I may put something else up here or maybe leave it as an archive…  a legacy or something. But it has become too difficult to keep a schedule or sit at my desk to conjure something to say that’s worth writing. I note that in the last […]


It was cold. The gunmetal sky looked like clouds and been finger smudges and the clouds moved quickly from eight to left. A seamist green panel filled my vision and I backed my scooter away so the extending ramp wouldn’t rest on my lap. After a maneuver or two I rolled inside the van and […]

Living Near the Painted Ladies

I was disgusted the minute I stepped into the door. I’d been away for five days up on Long Island visiting friends and taking in the summer. I had a nice tan to prove it. The house smelled like cigarettes, beer and urine. The little cactus that sat guard by my front door was withered. […]

Holidays through the looking glass

I’ve seen most of the movies that try to depict the Vietnam war and only Platoon seems to call out to me. It’s like frozen orange juice made from concentrate; there’s pulp in there but it’s still orange juice.  It shows the snakes, ants, leeches and the other cast of supporting characters, plus it taps […]

Sung and UnSung Heroes

Watching the Concert for Valor I had to think about the concert that plays every day in the Veterans Medical Centers all over. Judging by my hospital I see a symphony of effort and dedication that rarely strikes a sour note. Sure, in an organization that size and overburdened by the rising tide of returning vets […]

Tick, Tick, Ti…

He shuddered and twitched where he’d fallen. I stared at him in shock; this good friend of mine leaking his lifeblood in large volumes, soaking his flack vest, Jungle Fatigues, web belt and the ammo and grenades clipped to it. Tamlin Brussard had made the Northwest Orient charter fight with me to Tan Son Hut […]