Farber, Knee, and LLS

After several weeks of relative quietude on the blogging front, I have more topics to cover today.  This morning I had my monthly Farber appointment.  I hadn’t bothered to look at the schedule in detail–I just knew I had to be there at 10:15.  When I got there and finally checked the appointments, I found there was good news and bad news.  The good news was that I was scheduled to meet with Dr.

Overdue Update

One of my loyal readers emailed me yesterday saying she misses seeing frequent updates to my blog, which was a nice way of telling me to get off my lazy ass and start writing.  Guilty as charged!  I don’t why I took this little vacation.  It’s not that I’m so busy that I can’t fit writing this blog into my crammed schedule of meetings and social events.  As a matter of fact, as I look over my

Knee Problems

In my last post, I mentioned the sudden onset of a problem with my
right knee for no reason at all.  So I had X-rays and an MRI done, and last week I got the
results.  The good news was that all the ligaments are intact.  The bad
news was that almost everything else sucks.

Knee X-ray showing severe arthritis

The findings were that I have maceration and tears in the medial (inner) miniscus

One of Those Days

Today is one of those days.

Last week I suddenly had a pain in my right knee while just walking around the house, so I went to the doctor.  He sent me to have an x-ray and MRI, which I went to the local hospital for on Tuesday.  In the meantime, I have been hobbling around with a knee bandage for the last week.  I played 9 holes of golf yesterday walking (I’m too proud and cheap to take a cart),


I hate squirrels.  They have bedeviled me for years as we have tried to feed the birds around our houses.  We resorted to various squirrel defenses over the years with limited success.  One of the most fun ones was a bird feeder that had a battery-operated spinner that would throw the squirrels off the feeder when they stepped on it.  It was fun to see them tossed 10 feet or so to the ground, but