Nearly 6 years on … and we’re still smiling …

Yes it’s been a while I know – I’ve been getting probes from people asking for an update so here it is … Summer was fantastic!  We got to enjoy the relaxed pace of the non-school season and our vacation to East Africa lived up to all our expectations and more!  The animals cooperated very well […]

Summer is here!

All is good on the health front for Alpesh.  Bloodwork was great last month – kappa lightchains are behaving themselves at 28 mg/l with a 1.29 ratio.  He has another appointment this week so we’ll see if there’s been any changes.  I was thinking just the other day that the disease went into remission in January 2009 – so […]

First update of 2014!

I had planned to do an update in January which slipped to February and now here we are on March 7th!!  I am stunned that we are already 3 months into the year!   We hope 2014 has been good to you so far …  As a quick health update, Alpesh’s last few Dr Z visits have […]

Thanksgiving Update

Yesterday was Thanksgiving for us in the USA and it truly was another reminder of how thankful we are for all the love, support, faith and positive energy that has propelled us to our current situation – we are now 5 years from Alpesh’s original diagnosis and things continue to go in the right direction. Latest […]

Late Summer Update

I am sure from the title, you can surmise that things continue to go well – in fact so well that I couldn’t manage a “Summer Update”  but had to delay to a “late” summer update!  Since the last posting in April, Alpesh has had four Dr Z appointments, a visit with Dr Khalid (Transplant […]

Spring Update

From monthly updates, I went down to an update every two months and now, if Alpesh’s health continues down this excellent path, I’ll only need to provide seasonal updates – otherwise I’ll just keep repeating myself 🙂   Fingers crossed for a “Summer Update”. Kappa lightchains are currently at 29.5 mg/l – a little high but nothing to be concerned …

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Good start …

Not much news really but I felt I should update you all as I’ve had a few E-mails asking status.  We finished last year with good health results for Alpesh and it appears as if 2013 has got off to a good start also.  However, we are waiting for confirmation of this as we do not have […]

Seasonal Update

Thanks to everyone who sent us E-mails regarding the last update – the research was certainly a wonderful piece of news that keeps us looking forward and keeping faith.   After all they do say … “Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death”.  Alpesh has had two Dr Z visits since the last update and […]

A step closer?

I wanted to share the below with everyone as it’s exciting news … I just stumbled upon it last week: Click on either the  Radio interview or the TV news report – it’s promising and interesting information on a possible virus to treat Multiple Myeloma!  This month’s blood results came back and all is good – in fact […]

August Update

As promised – just wanted to post the results from Alpesh’s latest blood work.  Kappa Lightchains are about 26 mg/L so very slightly above the range and the ratio between kappa and lambda still remains within range.  Most importantly no M protein (yay!) and nothing to indicate that the disease is rearing its ugly head at […]