My Reishi Mushroom Experiment Part 4

Hello everyone! Last time I posted was near the time of my last labs on June 11, 2012. My numbers had gone up and I had a feeling it was because the iron supplement pills I was taking. I got busy doing other things and so I am sorry it has taken so long to report back.

After getting those poor results back and just basically getting ticked off about it I didn’t feel like writing. I didn’t even feel like taking the mushrooms anymore. I still took them but not everyday. Instead of going into a positive de-stress mode I went into an “I don’t give a crap mode.” Eventually I snapped out of it but to this date my intake of Reishi mushroom has been sporadic. It’s less these days but for the sake of trying to keep decent records or track of what I did, in the time leading up to the following labs, I drank Reishi 3-5 times per week on average.

Remember labs on June 11, 2012 were 70.0 mg/dl Kappa Free Light Chain.

The following labs were done on September 06, 2012…

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As you can see, the KFLC dropped a couple points. From 70.0 down to 68.30 mg/dl. Not much but hey, at least it’s not going up. Next labs should be done early November. As soon as I get the results I’ll post up for you all to see. After that I have something else I want to try out, tell you more about it later. Thanks for reading.

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