August at the Beach

I spent a few weeks in PCB by myself.  No visitors, no Dominic.  *pouting*

I don’t eat out by myself, so ordered pizzas and cooked in the condo.  Would run across the street for a couple of beers during Happy Hour at The LIQ.

Now that we have high speed internet, I’ve become addicted to Netflix.  That’s basically how I spent my evenings.

Dom doesn’t really enjoy hanging out at the beach anymore.  It’s hot.  He sits under an umbrella.  It just doesn’t turn him on any longer.

Thankfully, he encourages me to use it-  often.  (Think he’s trying to tell me something?)  *grinning*

So…. no “people pictures” this time around.  Just swarms of fish, sunsets and clouds.

Heading back on Friday.  Cajun pal, Vickie is flying in from Lafayette for a week.  Yippee!