August 31

A week has gone by since I had the cytoxan. I remember as the nurse was hooking up the IV, I watched her but on extra plastic clothing and mentioned to her that it looked like she was handling poision. I told her I mentioned the cytozan sounded like poison in my email and she said it is but of course it was going to help me. I was only knocked out for the day and they keep me on Dex for three days after. I didn’t fill sick at all and was wishing I could go to work. I go in everyday to take blood tests and receive the G-CSF (nueprogen) to build up my stem cells. The dex they gave me kept my energy level high and kept my White blood cells high. Once the dex wore off, my white blood cells will drop to almost zero and I have to stay away from everyone until they build back up. If I get sick right now and run any type of temperature, I call the clinic and head straight for the hospital. When they begin to rise again, I will be put on an apheresis(means to withdraw) machine that will circulate my blood through and remove the baby stem cells. This process will take 2-4 days and could take up to 6 hours. Then I will be free for several weeks while by body stabilizes for the next round of chemo. The doctor put it like this, the chemo I received the last few months was like a ruler tapping on my body. Cytoxan was like getting hit by a bat(which I believe because I definitely had a headache). Mephalan(sp?) is like a bomb. I ask you to pray that I don’t get any infections these next few days and the process for stem cell collection will go well. Pray God continues to work in my heart to be his servant and to stay in his word. He has put my doctor on my heart and I pray for her often(She reminds me of myself, she works too much). Its hard not being in the store and help people with their needs but I got to remember Gods plans are always bigger than mine and If I want to work their till retirement, He can help to heal me completely. I hope to continue to inspire those around me and help remind them that God is always the blessed controller of all things. Praise God.