August 2009

New 2009 info:

Our son Rick and his family visited us last week. The twins are 20 months old already! Here they are enjoying the spa and pool. Rick is a battalion chief at San Marcos City Fire Department in San Diego County.

Kierstin(12)enjoying the pool.

Our son Mike is getting close to retiring from CalFire as a battalion chief in 3 short years.

Hannah’s(left) middle school graduation photo in June 2009.

Haley( right) is going into her senior year and Hannah is starting 9th grade.

I am feeling a bit older. No wonder……

I am still in complete remission for over 5 years and no treatment for over 2 years.
However, I had radiation, chemo and 3 major surgeries for colon cancer in the past year. Adjuvant chemo from Feb.-June 2009. Oncologist says and the PET/CT scan and all tests show me in complete remission and no further treatment required.

Bighorn Radiation Oncology Center-Rancho Mirage, Ca.

Here is my August 2008 graduation photo with some of the radiation oncology technicians after 30 treatments. They all received a nice bottle of wine each and a huge carrot cake decorated to thank them for the caring , professional experience.

I thought a colorful outfit on my last day was called for. It is brighter than shown in the photo. Heck, I always make things fun……….

June 2010

Twins are over 2 years old now. Amazing. Eric III (on left) is first grandson
and Caitlyn is 5th granddaughter. They bot
h are a delight.