August 17, 1980

That was the day my mother dropped me off at my apartment for my first year of college.   I started classes 2 days later August 19, 1980!  To say it now and listen to those words, sounds like a grandfather telling a story about his Klondike days.  If you sound out the year–nineteen hundred and eighty! It does seem like every moment of 34 years ago.   It is now unfathomable to think it has been that long ago.   But sometimes when I think about it is just the wink of an eye.

A lot has happened since than, good and bad.  The bad, all my immediate family except Laura and the kids have died.   Father, Mother, Brother, Aunt, Cousin.  Now all that is left is children, wife, neices and nephew.   Pretty small “family”

A lot of good has happened, First and of most importance, Ashley and Brandon, my 2 wonderful children.   I guess they are the great heritage to the future.   I have helped a lot of clients out, saved them from a life in prison and being convicted of something they did not do.  Save those 2 accomplishments, all I can frankly say is that I have “Burnt the candle at both ends and it has cast a lovely light.”

It is thought provoking as one ages, the roads not taken?   Or the roads taken that ran into a ditch from which I had to climb out!

Yesterday,  we took Ashley to the Belcourt Theatre to see the new movie, “Boyhood” .    This was very good, and brought back many memories for our 20 year old daughter.  Who had both a step father and step mother and step brothers and a step sister…..all who fell by the wayside since the year 2000.
She indicated it was so much like her childhood growing up and I reminded her that she has well adjusted to her young life now and is an honor student 4.0 in college etc. etc.    It is always helpful to remind oneself through children of ones own foibles.     Ah to err is human!