Attic attack

James my youngest son came to help me sort all of the things out in the attic over the last few days.

He arrived late Sunday and we spent Monday bringing everything down from the attic. We then started to label item with green and red stickers, green things we are to keep and red things I’m going to sell on eBay. I didn’t need a third sticker, contrary to James’ idea to throw things away, as we were going to throw them away anyway, what would be the point of putting a sticker on them!

We didn’t get a chance to label them all up on the Monday and the plan was that on the Tuesday would be.

Go to Liverpool for my appointment. I would need

– Bloods taken (about an hour once sorted with other patients)

– Platelets (already ordered so should only taken 30 minutes)

– Pentamidine (takes about 30 minutes as well)

no clinic or seeing doctors so should get home early.

Arrive at Liverpool at about 9:45 to 10:15am and expected to be out at the very latest by 12:30 ish to 1pm.

Then once we get back home have something to eat and finish off labelling all the attic bits and bobs and then take any rubbish bits to the tip/recycling on the way out to pick Charito up.

James wanted to learn how to cook the Spaghetti Bolognese that Charito makes (or at least have another update as he forgot how to do it the last time she taught him)

So once we got home the plan was he was going to cook as Charito helped him and then I would take him to the train station to go home after we had eaten.

However the best laid plans never work out….

I arrived at the hospital as planned 10am. Gill was on holiday and boy did we miss her. The Unit staff had to cover the day ward as well as look after their patients on the ward. You can definitely tell when Gill is off. Now normally everything would have been sorted and Gill would be her very efficient self and have everything and everybody scheduled in and it would work like clock work (most of the time).

to cut a very long story short, I ended up having four different nurses manage me and got out of the the hospital at 3pm only to have to travel over to Chester to have another cross match done for some bloods today (Wednesday). By the time I’d finished at all of the hospitals it was nearly time to pick Charito up from work, so James and I hung around a bit and then picked her up. So we never got to finish the attic labelling, so the house is a bit of mess still.

James did manage to prepare the food though that was lovely and it’s been a great help him being here.

I’ve been very tired with my blood being low and I need to drink more. They are checking my U & A results again today as they were abnormal as I haven’t been drinking as much fluids, probably because I’ve spent so much time at the hospital and don’t get to drink as much as I do when I am at home.

So another long day at Chester today and should be out by about 3pm after two units of bloods, but at least I will have a bit more energy.

Back at Liverpool on Friday, but I have clinic on that day as well, so not sure when I will get out. Which leaves tomorrow (Thursday) to do things I need to do, that is if something else doesn’t go wrong with my plans. I have a new car now that I need to get to the garage to get a few jobs done, that was supposed to happen today! oh well!

I will write about my car ordeal another time.

… come back soon Gill we miss you.

My Life with Myeloma Sean Tiernan