Attacked by a Mastiff

So, I’m on my last round at the park and in the distance, I see the lady who used to walk her big mastiff, Jack. He’s probably 200 lbs. Always mellow. But I haven’t seen her in a good six months and right before that she had bought another mastiff, a female. So when I last saw them Maggie, the young dog, was maybe 4 -5 months old. So she was at the park and the lady was walking them separately.  She finished walking Jack and then got out the younger dog. I was coming around toward the baseball field (which is fenced) and she was walking the dog on the grass, a good 15 feet from the path. But the dog took off after the geese  ( which were on the other side of the fence)and just about pulled the lady over. She was on a leash and had a muzzle on. Then I’m passing by and say hi, haven’t seen you in awhile and she says no, they have been walking up on the canal. So I say Hi Maggie and the next thing is she growls and runs at me, lunges at me, knocks me over and is growling. The lady pulls her back and she does it a second time. Well, I was still on the ground at that point.  I was pretty shocked and struggled to get up thinking Shit, did I break a hip or what???? But I was tweaked in my back but seemed okay. She apologized and took off the other way. Now, I know this lady from the park and she is a responsible pet owner. she’s an ER nurse too.  But this was clearly unprovoked at another person.  That would be it for me with that dog.

So I’m sore and bruised but I still have a face and an arm which if the muzzle wasn’t in place I’d be in the ER no doubt.

A very weird way to start my day.  But I’m okay!! I’m just hoping tomorrow I’m not more bruised or worse.