At a loss.

You know what life is like, sometimes you just seem to see life differently to everyone else. I have no idea how nurses and HCAs cope with the tricky patients they must get sometimes. I certainly can’t cope with Mike. His nausea / sickness is as bad if not worse and now EVERYTHING I do causes an outburst of temper. I can’t drink coffee or tea the smell is abhorrent. Toast, no way. He can’t eat or drink anything other than water and it seems I’m not meant to either. 

The smell of the washing powder on the sheets and his clothes, the toilet cleaner needed under the circumstances, the shampoo I used this morning. Don’t even think of using even the most delicate of fragranced deodorant. The dish washing sent him into a frenzy of rage. 

Don’t ask if he wants anything or make the mistake of not offering. Can you see where I am going with this. 

Don’t go out for more than 15 minutes in case he needs something. Don’t mention hospital (the GP suggested that on the phone yesterday.)

I’m sure some of you will try to be helpful, but short of popping over here to help there really isn’t anything you can do. I’m so upset and so alone. I can hardly ask my kids to pop round while he is in this mood and I have no other friends or family.