Astros at the 1/3 Point

The Major League Baseball season has a beginning, a middle and an end. Take 162 games, divide them by three, you've got 54 games per section.

So, with 54 games in the books for the Astros, we can look at the season so far and take stock in what we've seen.

Record: 20-34
Hmmm, last place in the NL Central, second-worst record in baseball (thank you Twins).
Grade: F

Offense: 15th overall
Middle of the pack in runs scored, 6th in batting average, bottom third in slugging percentage. Actually not as bad as I thought they were going to be.
Grade: C

Defense: 30th overall
Most errors in baseball. Worst fielding percentage in the majors. You figured the young players would struggle a bit, but some veterans are contributing more than their share here.
Grade: F

Starting Pitching: 27th overall
Zero complete games, fourth worst ERA, 28th in batting average against.
Grade: F

Guys who pitch late inning batting practice: 30th overall
Most blown saves, 27th in on base percentage, worst save percentage, 29th in batting average against. I refuse to call them relief pitchers. No lead is ever safe with this group.
Grade: F-

Brad Mills hasn't done anything to embarrass the franchise, and he obviously has an uphill climb when you look at his roster. But he also hasn't done anything to make people stand back and express thanks that he's at the helm.
Grade: C

Yeah, these are great times to be an Astros fan.

Prediction: 47-61 at the 2/3 mark. Surely things have to improve. A little. Defense and pitching can't get any worse. I wouldn't be shocked if they played .500 ball over the next 54 games. But I wouldn't be shocked if they were still below 40 wins at that point either.