ASH 2013 – Multiple Myeloma from a Patient’s and Myeloma Specialist’s Perspective

Several of the members of the Multiple Myeloma Cure Panel were at ASH 2013 (American Society of Hemotology) and obtained the breaking news about myeloma treatment and care.  They were part of a special ASH 2013 multiple myeloma review of the content from the meeting and they also answering listener questions.   This is from the patients perspective, so it should be invaluable for the myeloma patient community.  The meeting was broadcast on December 12th, and you can listen to the rebroadcast if you CLICK HERE.

You can view a presentation of ASH from a myeloma specialist’s perspective if you CLICK HERE. Dr. Orlowski of MD Anderson and Dr. Richardson of Dana Farber, two of the most skilled myeloma practitioners in the world give you their takeaways from the meetings.  Pat Killingsworth provided a blog post on this presentation and includes a lively discussion by his readers, and you can read it if you CLICK HERE.

Some of the biggest news that the panel members gleaned from the meeting include:

– They were all excited about the number of doctors who are now talking of CURE of low risk disease…in the next 5 years.
– Continued focus on Monoclonal antibodies  like Daratumumab and SAR650984  which showed single agent results in heavily pretreated patients.

– Fit/Unfit/Frail categories for elderly
– SMM (Smoldering) Risk analysis & early treatment
– Cytoxin benefit over Melphalan
– So many treatment options now with Cfz and Pom and available clinical trials
– Maintenance still needs more study
–  Buzz around Black Swan initiative and Onyx
– Maintenance vs. non-maintenance post transplant
– Top 8 new drugs – anti CD38, MLN9708, ARRY 520, ACY 1215, Selinexor, antiCD138, panobinostat, bendamustine
– Immunotherapies (daratumumab and CD138)
– Compass Trial 

– Daratumumab, Revlmid, dex combination showed impressive results with a response rate of 73% in a small population of patients (8/11 patients who had received a median of 3-4 prior treatments)
– Novartis/Penn’s customized T cell wows ASH with stellar leukemia data – A total of 19 of 22 pediatric patients with lethal cases of acute lymphoblastic leukemia experienced complete remissions after being treated with the CAR T therapy, CTL019, a T cell engineering to target cancer cells that express the CD19 protein. And they say it may have application for myeloma!

The one disappointment for me was the lack of any trials with an IMID, proteasome inhibitor, steroid, and monoclonal antibody such as RVd with Daratumumab.  

Pictures of the Panel Members are shown below.  Our own MYELOMA POWER RANGERS. Thank you so much for all you do for the multiple myeloma patient community.


Cynthia Chmielewski, Pat Killingsworth, Jack Aiello, Matt Goldman, Priya Menon, Lizzy Smith, Nick Van Dyk, Gary Petersen

Some panel members blogged daily from ASH.  You can read Jack Aiello’s posts if you CLICK HERE.  Pat Killingsworth provided updates if you CLICK HERE, and Cindy Chmielewski  blogged from ASH and you can read her updates if you CLICK HERE.

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