ASCC: Could Stem Cells Hold the Key to Unlocking $10 Billion Cosmetics Market

As a 52 year old broad, I say, “Bring it On!!!”MIRAMAR BEACH, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The Aristocrat Group Corp.’s (OTCBB: ASCC) focus-group testing revealed that more and more women are seeking effective anti-aging treatments for their skin, and now the company believes it has found the perfect solution for the increase in cosmetic demand: Adult stem cells.”Stem-cell products have all-natural regenerative powers that can’t be matched by any chemical or botanical cooked up in a lab,” said ASCC Cindy Morrissey. “The market for anti-aging treatments that really work is exploding worldwide, and by acquiring or partnering with cosmetic innovators working with stem cells, we plan to capitalize on this unstoppable trend.”
U.S. demand for cosmetics and toiletries is forecast by some analysts to rise five percent annually to a total value of $9.9 billion by 2016. The organic and natural product segment as well as anti-aging products are both poised for rapid growth, in particular, as more and more baby boomers enter their 50s. As the population of older Americans grows, so, too, will the market for cosmetic products specifically formulated to improve the appearance of aging skin.The key to capturing a profitable share of that market will be delivering a product that works with no side effects. ASCC is currently investigating new opportunities to help develop and market high-quality stem-cell cosmetics around the globe in order to deliver maximum returns to shareholders.ASCC plans to expand its cosmetics business to compete in a highly profitable sector alongside Procter & Gamble (NYS: