As Arnold says, ” I’ll be back”

image’m going to take a small break from


A Break to work on some issues with not working. I am retirement age and I am getting my lousy under $300 ss, but what am I doing. ..??

I’m still have issues with my library dismissal. I guess I feel really rejected and don’t want tno feel that way. I need to reframe it all and for me that’s usually taking the time to journal, walk more, maybe take the kayak out by myself. ( working on will it fit in my van).

Next week we’re in tahoe camping so that should help. I know I’m not going to look for a job, so I need to reinvent my value and self worth.

Geez, how would think at my age I’d be doing this when just a month a go ,I was all together with the days I worked, felt needed, valued and new my job to the T.

Well, as the quote says…